Got Troubles?


In my younger and single days, my alarm rang at 2:55 AM. I jumped out of bed, went to the bathroom, and put on sweat pants and a sweatshirt. I next bowed my knees and prayed till 6 AM at which time I took a shower, ate breakfast, and dressed for the day.  I then walked over to my church and prayed for an hour. Afterward, I put in a full day’s work as a laborer or a car salesman.

This was my routine for almost ten years.

As you can imagine, I earned a reputation as a prayer warrior. People asked me to pray for them or their problems, which I gladly did. I would write their names down and add them to a list. Praying for others was a priority in my life.

But what about my family and my needs?

I usually spent just seconds praying for myself and my family. Many days, I forgot them altogether. And even when I did pray, it was a basic thanksgiving prayer, such as, “Thanks for taking care of my son. Thanks for taking care of my daughter. Thanks for providing healing for me. Thanks for my finances.”

Did my system work? My family had miracles and so did I.

Do you want to know my secret?

How blessed is he who considers the helpless; the LORD will deliver him in a day of trouble. The LORD will protect him and keep him alive, And he shall be called blessed upon the earth; and do not give him over to the desire of his enemies. The LORD will sustain him upon his sickbed; in his illness, You restore him to health. (Psalm 41:1-3)

I discovered that if I helped the poor and helpless, mainly through financial offerings, the Lord would take care of my family and me. This revelation has so impacted my life that I wrote a book, What’s In It For Me? The book is not burning up the New York Times Best Sellers List, but it should, because it absolutely works.

So, now you know why I have no problem advising you to sponsor a child in Gospel For Asia’s Bridge of Hope ministry. You will be blessed and who knows? Many of the miracles you have struggled to receive may run up and tap you on the shoulder.

It’s worked for me for over 25 years… and still counting.



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13 responses to “Got Troubles?

  1. You are faithful and you bless me!!! I believe with my whole heart that an abundance of that wealth from the wicked has been laid up – just for you and yours. God bless you!!!

  2. Prodigal Chick,

    Thanks for your encouraging words and the reblog. May you be blessed.

  3. Ben,

    Thanks. Be blessed today.

  4. Larry, you never fail to inspire and challenge me. You speak truth.

  5. Judy,

    Thanks so much.

  6. “I discovered that if I helped the poor and helpless, mainly through financial offerings, the Lord would take care of my family and me”

    it works. always. never fails.

    most Christians don’t receive their miracles because they don’t even bother praying or asking.

    some receive their miracles because someone prayed on their behalf.

    we are thankful for people like you, who are selfless, always putting the needs of others first before your own.

    keep up the good works

  7. Thank you for sharing your secret and how faithfully God works! God bless you, Mr. Larry. Now . .Praying to stay praying!

  8. savedbygrace,

    Thanks for blessing me with your kind words.

  9. Debbie,

    Thanks. I have lots of testimonies about God rescuing me because I cared about the helpless and the poor.

  10. That is amazing and so inspiring!!

  11. kingintraining,

    Thanks. God bless you.

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