Pictures Tell Stories Better Than Any Writer Could Ever Do


(Click on the photo)

By clicking on the above photo, a window will open, revealing a monthly archive of photos. Choose any month. The pictures reveal life in India for millions of people, most of whom have no hope in life unless they meet Jesus. And how will they meet Jesus?  Someone will have to go and preach to them. And how will someone be able to go and preach? Someone, like you and me, will have to help missionaries with our prayers and financial offerings.

If you are interested in helping, check out Gospel For Asia.


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2 responses to “Pictures Tell Stories Better Than Any Writer Could Ever Do

  1. Loved this , Mr. Larry, and you’re right, the pictures say so much! God bless you and thank you for supporting and sponsoring through Gospel For Asia.

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks and God bless you and Aub tonight.

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