What Would You Do If You Saw This Scene?



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The young girl is a member of the 300 million people-group in India known as the “Untouchables” or Dalits. This people-group is considered subhuman, impure from birth, and worthy of nothing but contempt. Anything a Dalit touches is then considered impure and contaminated, and must be thrown away.

Dalits work at the most degrading and menial jobs in India. They clean out the open-air toilets, latrines, and sewer lines with their bare hands. They work back-breaking twelve-hour days as laborers on farms or carry firewood from the forests. All for only pennies per hour in wages. Crimes against Dalits, such as rape or kidnapping as slaves, are seldom reported because the police turn a blind eye when they hear the whole story.

The Dalits are the least of the least and the poorest of the poor.

So, you can understand why it’s acceptable for the young girl to dig through garbage. She is, after all, already contaminated and who knows? Maybe she’ll eke out a few pennies to help feed her family that day.

Let’s say you were walking down the street and happened on the scene shown in the photo. What would you do?

If you don’t have a good answer, check out Gospel For Asia’s Bridge of Hope Ministry.


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11 responses to “What Would You Do If You Saw This Scene?

  1. Really really good post, Mr. Larry. Thank you for raising awareness and stirring up our love for “the least of these”. I just received a booklet from GFA. I think I need to do a little “shopping” from it. 🙂 God bless you!

  2. I had a dream about 5 years ago. In this dream I was in a motel with my family and from my window I could see the Ganges river.I saw many men going into the Ganges river to bathe. I’m not sure as to the meaning of the dream but seeing your posting reminded me of that dream.

  3. Debbie,

    Thanks. If only you and I had gold mines, not in the sky, but in our back yards, then we could help more people. God bless you today.

  4. Tony,

    The Hindus believe the Ganges is a holy river. People who bathe in it are purified from their sins. Ashes from funeral cremations are tossed into it, hoping for new life. Water is carried in vials from the Ganges for ceremonial purposes. On and on the beliefs go for this so-called holy river.

    Yet, the Ganges is one of the five most polluted rivers in the world. Yuck!

    So, maybe your dream refers to men trying to receive holiness through unholy ways.

    Thanks for your input and your many dreams which you so kindly publish on your site.

  5. That’s heartbreaking, Larry!
    I have done research on the slums of Mumbai, just because I was curious. It’s like another hellish-like world; the biggest slum in the world, maybe 500,000 people, is in the middle of this huge city. These people are squatters, according to the government, so, as you said, the government turns a blind-eye to rape, human trafficking and even murder. The caste system, sexual slavery and sex selection abortions have all been outlawed in India, but they all happen with government knowledge.

  6. Unshakable Hope,

    Thanks for the info. What we call poverty in America would be considered opulence in the slums of Mumbai.

  7. It gives a whole new meaning to “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – these slum-dwellers recycle virtually everything – it’s amazing how industrious they are!
    The good news is that thousands upon thousands are coming to Christ – with Jesus, there is no such thing as an outcast.

  8. Unshakable Hope,

    K.P. Yohannan (founder of Gospel For Asia) was challenged one day when he came upon a poor girl like in the above picture and the Lord spoke to his heart, “Do you think I love your child more than this poor girl?”

    Thank God, He loves us all.

  9. That’s awesome! That’s the bottom line, Larry.

  10. Because I don’t have the resources to help each and every child like this-I can only put my faith in the fact that God will take care of this precious little girl and so many others like her. I look into those eyes and see the smile on her face and at least know for that moment she has a little bit of hope or joy in her life. I pray for a change to occur that repairs all of the broken down systems in so many parts of the world into a united effort that respects and empowers so many in need. Thank you for sharing this information and bringing awareness.

  11. chasingtheperfectmoment,

    Like you, I can only help a few. Thanks.

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