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Once again, it’s time to hear from our sister in Jerusalem about what she is witnessing there as a believer in Yeshua.  Put your prayer shawls on and pray for Israel and Sister J. Now here she is …

Dear Brothers and sisters, beloved in Him Who is above all, I greet you, thankful for a moment to write and to update you on certain things…well…perhaps it is selfish as it is I who need to reach out and touch the body and receive the stability that comes through His people. It has been in intense time.

Ana and I just returned from the hospital, my second trip for the day.  I share this just to give an impression of the intensity.

Yesterday I got up at 4:30 and had a good time with Him before leaving for work . My boss has been away and I needed to be there for one of my ‘vacation’ weeks.  My husband was going to take Ana to her day camp (kaytina) at 8am and I would pick her up at 3:30 on my way home.  I arrived at work at 7 and was surprised by a phone call from my husband at 7:40.

“I am having severe chest pain and my blood pressure is high. What should I do?” he asked.

“Where is Ana?” I asked.

He had set her up with some play tasks and she was fine.  I caught a cab home, committing the calculations to The Lord in a battle to walk in all that I believe.  Although the drive home seemed to take forever, we arrived behind the ambulance which I was able to direct to our door.  I supplied necessary information while trying to reassure Ana that all was fine and “would she like to play ‘doctor’’.

Husband was packed off into intensive care ambulance and  Ana and I found another taxi to her kaytina.  The driver gasped when I told him that I needed to go the congested center of town and then way off to the far west side. I again tried to block all calculations and take on His yoke.  The rides seemed to take forever and I finally arrived at the emergency room at 10, having been moving at top speed since 7:40.

Husband was diagnosed with unstable angina. I was so thankful that he hadn’t had another heart attack incurring further damage. He was going to be sent up to cardiology.  Ana went home with a friend at 3:30 but by 5 I left to pick her up.  One of my husband’s clients is a young almost-doctor – fifth year medical student – and she stayed with us the whole time.  When she heard that Ana’s friend lived at the farthest part of town possible, she said that she would drive me there and then take us home.  The only catch was that she didn’t know where this address was and neither did I.

I kissed my husband goodbye and asked that he call when he knew what room he would be in and we took off.  About an hour later I took a deep breath and said, “Shay’nee, would it be ok if I pray and ask for The Lord in Whom I believe to guide us? And that would be Yeshua.”

We had been driving in circles asking directions every few blocks.  “Sure,” she said.

So I took a DEEP breath and prayed a simple prayer, ending In The Name of Yeshua.

She looked at me. “I thought that you were Jewish,” she said.

“Oh.  I am.  But I believe that Yeshua IS our savior and I am His disciple.”

Hmm!”she answered and the questions began, just like with Mali.

However, almost IMMEDIATELY we found our way and she said, “Wow.  I think He answered your prayer!”

Well, I KNEW He did, so we hadn’t much more time to share, but I could only stand thankful that He had opened TWO strong doors this week.

My husband had a tsentur (heart catheterization) this morning. After I dropped Ana at kaytina, and I was able to establish him back comfortably in his room before going to pick her up.  He is doing well. They found no new blockages and are putting him on blood thinners. He can come home tomorrow.  I didn’t think I could add ONE MORE EVENT into this very special, intense time, but God, in His mercy, enlarges our capacity for Him and prepares us for things to come. He must have apparently said, “Pour it on.”  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

In my last letter I did NOT include a request directly from my husband.  In my conviction that I am NOT to mention such things, I would not have, but he directly asked me to ask all of you if: if there is ANYONE who might consider at this time investing in buying a flat – this one – in Jerusalem.”

There.  I asked.  I know that many many of you would LIKE to, but he is asking if someone feels led and is ABLE to.  And I am being obedient to my husband and asking.  I believe that I told you that our landlord IS putting this place that we have lived in for the past 19 years up for sale.

A dear friend who is also a writer, gave me her books this past week and as I was reading I thought to share part of something that she wrote.  This is from Why Care About Israel by Sandra Teplinsky. I share it as I KNOW that when you take on His heart for Israel, you are part of the battle, and MANY of you have already experienced this:

“Why does Israel draw out the best and the worst in us? The Jewish nation is designed to test and expose the hearts of humanity.  Like a threshing floor, she sifts our souls. 

Long ago God picked a spot on earth to “put [His] Name forever” (2 Chronicles 33:7; see also 1 Kings9:3).  That spot-Jerusalem’s Mount Moriah – originally served for centuries as a threshing floor. (A threshing floor, as you may know, is a place where wheat is sifted from chaff by repeatedly tossing both up in the air.) It was there that God halted a plague sent in judgment against Israel.  King David purchased the threshing floor and, at God’s instruction, built an alter on it (see 2 Samuel 24:15-25). Later, on this precise plot of real estate, David’s son Solomon constructed Israel’s Holy Temple.  There God’s Gory dwelt, unequaled in grandeur anywhere else on earth.  This place is now known as the Temple Mount. 

Is the Temple Mount any less a threshing floor in our day then it was when David bought it three thousand years ago?  This dry and dusty hilltop sifts nations’ souls through their contests over its control.  And little wonder, for here our Jesus will return in splendor to rule and reign – something His enemies are scrambling to prevent.  The Temple Mount will prove the ultimate testing ground, the place where Messiah and anti-Messiah, and the followers of both, will someday be exposed.  The site could be called Spiritual Testing Ground Zero, rendering Jerusalem and the rest of Israel a test zone surrounding it.  A test God wants you to pass – because it is a test of love.

 Does this mean everything Israel does is right?  Of course not; the test would prove less genuine if issues involving Israel were so simple.  Though matters are complex, Israel is ultimately about Him, and if you know Him as the God of Israel, your heart beating with His, you know the Answer…”

I just thought that might confirm some of your thinking during these critical times that we are in.  The “peace process” is again underway with its vitriolic humanism setting the agenda and Israel’s God being mocked with nearly every word.  Right now, the release of the murders is underway and there are sporadic riots around the city, while the western countries are chastening us sore for building in the country that He gave us.  Will we serve man or God?  May we all say, “As for me and my house, we WILL serve The Lord!”

Off to bed.  May we be strengthened in one another for His Glory.  Lovingly, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS (younger daughter has been quite sick again and also in hospital for another brief stay).

your sis in the midst,



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2 responses to “Inside Israel

  1. I love how God opens doors for her to testify of Him even in the most intense times. What a God! And it leaves me praying to be obedient to walk through any door He opens for me as well.
    Thank you, Mr. Larry , and God bless you bunches!

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks for the bunches of blessings. God bless you loads!

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