God Does Nothing But…


“God does nothing but in answer to prayer.” (John Wesley)

When Americans hear about needy children, we think about doing one thing: giving money. Then, our minds run through all the options. Can we afford to do so? What financial obligations do we have right now? Are there other priorities for our money right now? What if I don’t give? Will I feel guilty? And so forth. And so forth.

Relax. Take it easy today.

You see, I understand that not all Christians can or will sponsor a child for $35 a month through Gospel For Asia’s Bridge of Hope program. There are many other avenues to help build the Kingdom of God and it’s up to each person to decide for himself.

Yet, we can all pray, right?

So, take a moment and agree with me on the following simple prayer:

“Lord, I ask You to provide 50,000 new sponsors for Bridge of Hope children this year. Amen.”


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2 responses to “God Does Nothing But…

  1. Mr. Larry, I just smiled big and I think God did too, as I read this. And maybe while we’re praying for 50,000 more sponsors, God will show us how we are to be one of them. 😀
    God bless you!

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. I know. I know. It’s sort of a backdoor message.

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