Friday’s Prayers for Prisoners (2/21/2014)



Twenty-six or more years ago, I endured months of headaches that would cause me to weep with pain. I would lay down and wrap a blanket around my head so light could not touch my eyes. It hurt so bad I would ask God to kill me.

If the headaches hit while I was at work, I’d do the best I could to survive until quitting time. Afterward, I walked three miles home because this was the time period I had no vehicle.

I fasted. I prayed. I studied scripture, but I could not get a handle on the headaches.

Then, one day, the Lord showed me the problem in a vision. I saw friends praying for me, but it was how they prayed that caused the headaches. These friends believed I suffered mental illness so they prayed for my schizophrenic bipolar problems.

You see, the people prayed the problem rather than the answer for me. The Lord showed me that this in fact was a type of witchcraft, which allowed a spirit of witchcraft to attack my mind. Thus, the headaches.

From that period onward, when I felt a headache coming upon me, I would command it to go in Jesus’ name. It was more of a battle at first, but soon, just the mention of Jesus’ name caused the symptoms to leave.

I have not had headaches like that in years.

Remember: pray the answer for people by praying a scripture or a prophetic prayer for them. This will help set them free.

My prayer for prisoners today:

Lord, teach us believers how to pray effectively and fervently so our prayers accomplish much for the Kingdom of God. (Based on Luke 11:1 and James 5:16)

What do you think and has the Lord spoken to you?

Join with me on Fridays to fast and pray for prisoners, according to Hebrews 13:3

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