Leadership: Yipes!


As a birthday present to myself in 2002, I attended a two-day home church seminar put on my Tony and Felicity Dale in Oxnard, California. The meeting was held in an old barn with forty or so people in the place.

I knew no one and also knew very little about the home church movement in America.

During a break, a man introduced himself and we struck up a conversation. The man said something that has stuck with me ever since: “Frank Viola is the most radical leader in the home church movement.”

Now, the man spoke the words as a warning to me, but it had the opposite affect. You see, I like radicals and made up my mind to read as many of Frank Viola’s books as possible. I now enjoy all of Viola’s books and his blog. And what’s more, I even like Viola as a person.

Now, I said all of the above as a way to introduce the best article I have ever seen on New Testament church leadership. And let me tell you, all of Christianity needs to read this and be set free from the myths that keeps us Christians in bondage to our false leadership ideas. You can read the whole article here.


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4 responses to “Leadership: Yipes!

  1. Thanks, Larry. That’s a great article by Frank Viola and contains great truth. Very helpful to me as I prepare to travel in July and August to the Congo and India where I have been asked to teach about discipleship and leadership.

  2. Derrick,

    Wow! Your trip to the Congo sounds exciting. May the Lord prepare you and guide you on the trip.

  3. I went to one of Tony and Felicity Dale’s conferences in Dallas – I think it was around 2008. The author of the Shack was there, and he shared during the conference. I enjoyed meeting the various people there, and learning more about the home church movement.

    Most of the churches we start in Mexico are similar to home churches in that they are on the smaller side, and they have a simple system they use to do church.

  4. diasolifeontheborder,

    I’d guess in many poorer countries like Mexico and India, the churches are small and do resemble a home church in their simplified style compared to our traditional churches here in America. Thanks for your great comment.

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