Friday’s Prayers for Prisoners (4/18/2014)






I have been rereading No Longer a Slumdog by K. P. Yohannan this week:

One of the hardest things to witness is the large number of little boys and girls looking into our Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope Centers wanting to be involved, but unable to join.

…The hardest part is turning down child after child and seeing them suffer without firsthand contact with the love of the Lord. Honestly, there are so many children out there who need our help. One of the biggest requests from our leaders is, “Can we please open up more centers?”

As we have more resources, we proceed with opening more centers. But there are so many times, I have to tell our leaders, “Not yet.” (No Longer a Slumdog, K. P. Yohannan, © 2011 by K. P. Yohannan, GFA Books, pages 145)

Each morning my heart is blessed when I pray for the six children on the bulletin board over the computer that Carol and I sponsor for Bridge of Hope. But then, my heart is broken when I consider the millions we are not able to sponsor. I always pray, “Lord, don’t let them slip through the cracks of eternity without hearing about You.”

Today, I prayed:

Lord, enrich us Americans in every way to be generous in every way so that we produce many thanksgivings to You. (Based on 2 Corinthians 9:11)

What do you think and has the Lord spoken to you?

Join with me on Fridays to fast and pray for prisoners, according to Hebrews 13:3.

No Longer a Slumdog is now free at Gospel for Asia. You can check it out here.


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2 responses to “Friday’s Prayers for Prisoners (4/18/2014)

  1. More tears as I think about the little ones slipping through the cracks of eternity before they hear about Him. Thank you for such a prayer and heart for these kids and people.
    I prayed for those imprisoned by depression today, that The Lord will be a light in the darkness, for them. (From Micah 7:8)
    God bless you and yours this Easter!

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. We are the two softies again. Great prayer for depression which is a major problem in America. God bless you and have a great Easter with your family.

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