Inside Israel



Once again, it’s time to hear from our sister in Jerusalem about what she is witnessing there as a believer in Yeshua. Put your prayer shawls on and pray for Israel and Sister J. Now here she is …

I greet you, dearest brothers and sisters, in His Name, Yeshua h’Meshiach, and in His fear, love, and for His glory.  May you be blessed and may HE be blessed and glorified.

Sometimes I wonder if my greetings sound pretentious or too flowery, but you know what?  I mean them from the heart, and I just can think of no other way to begin these letters, offered to Him for His glory and with so much love for you, His body.  I MEAN these greetings.

It has been a long time since I wrote, but it has truly been a whirlwind.  I can only assume that you know that the “peace talks” between the Israelis and the Palestinians ended today.  Sadly, it was EXACTLY as Israel warned: Having been told by the world, but particularly the US President, that the status quo here would no longer be acceptable, we were plunged into a process that we had seen before. Thus, things are now much worse then before.

Those who had gotten their hopes up are more discouraged then before.  Things have now been said that had been better left unsaid.  Another failure has been added to the long line of failures and now with Fatah and Hamas forming a unity government there is no remote possibility of an agreement.

We have prayed that the land would not be divided and Israel not be pressed into yet even this sin against God, and although we are thankful for that answer to prayer, it does not make the reality on the ground easier.  I am SO THANKFUL that God really does know and have it all under His control.

Passover came and went, full of significance, joy, promise, and matzo.

We were (and still are) BLESSED by a number of very special visitors from around the world, encouraging us through the sweet taste of fellowship.  We have met our new son-in-law’s ultra orthodox (Haradi) parents and eaten with them during the holiday.  I have overheard many conversations (in Hebrew) on the transportation and in the streets concerning Yeshua. People argued about Him with each other and in the midst of all this, our fellowship met in Judea/Samaria, at the lovely home of one of our congregation members for a holiday Shabat dinner.  The spontaneous worship under the stars nearly transported me with His Presence. I don’t believe that I have experienced a time like that in years.  Surely it is a time of promise, a time to catch the breath and look unto Him with great expectancy.

My husband left the country on Wednesday morning to visit with our children and grandchildren.  A miracle trip. He plans to be gone nearly 3 weeks. My prayer is for HIS BLESSING to be upon them all AND I am given my time alone that I have felt I needed.  I covet your prayers as I still have many responsibilities (some extra ones with him gone) and there is quite a temptation to use the time as I please: organize this apartment, visit with long neglected friends, answer tons of letters and emails that I WANT to answer, read, go to the zoo, and to fill the time with prayer, reading, and sitting in His Presence.  What I MOSTLY want is to just do what He wants me to do and I’m in a bit of a panic that I not miss it.

So this is a short, overview update.  I suspect that I will share with you in depth about the peek into a different world as we visited with our daughter’s in-laws and also about the conversations that I overheard as I was out and about.

But…not tonight.  Tonight I leave you for sleep.  I have missed you.  I am so thankful for you and so encouraged when I hear from you.  God bless and keep you and draw you into His secret place.


your sis J



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4 responses to “Inside Israel

  1. Thanks Mr. Larry, for hosting another great letter. I love her heart, wondering if her greetings sounded too flowery, but explaining that it is really how she feels. :). Nothing wrong with that! My god bless you and all the Who’s!

  2. Debbie,
    I agree: nothing wrong with that. Thanks and God bless you and Aub.

  3. This is beautiful and so intriguing to hear from some one living in the midst of such a holy place, and how they are talking about Yeshua and arguing. God bless her as a believer in the thick of it ….<3

  4. Marty,

    I agree. Thanks.

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