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Once again, it’s time to hear from our sister in Jerusalem about what she is witnessing there as a believer in Yeshua. Put your prayer shawls on and pray for Israel and Sister J. Now here she is …

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters, in Yeshua’s Name.  May He be blessed and glorified, and may you find blessing as you read.

Right now the escalating events seem different than I have seen before. I trust that He can teach us how to pray accordingly.  For me, these events also serve as a “shofar blast” to alert my heart and check-list if I am ready and where He wants me to be.

On Thursday I was coming home from work after having stopped at the shuk (marketplace) along the way.  The electronic sign flashed “4 minutes” until the next train. It stated that due to disruptions on the track, the train would not be going further then Ammunition Hill.  The minutes counted down and as it said, “approaching,” it then switched to “4 minutes” again.

A very pregnant woman asked me what was going on. I assured her, “The train will come.”

As the clock crept ever so slowly to “1 minute,” it then switched to “12 more minutes.”  At this point I had been standing in the sun for about a half hour.  The crowd had deepened as the minutes passed.

An old Haradi man sat on the bench and said, “What is wrong?”

Another man standing beside him in a kippa (meaning that he was also religious, but not Haradi) said, “Yesterday an Arab boy was abducted and killed and found in the forest and they are rioting down the road.”

All ears listened.  As people gathered around I couldn’t hear so well, but the standing man said, “I was born in Hevron.  We had to leave in 1945.”

He said some more but I couldn’t hear him.  A woman came up and said, “I was also born in Hevron and had to leave around the same time.”

She went on to argue the other side of the question.  The question is always the same: “We are to blame vs they are to blame.”

Voices rose and a large crowd gathered with everyone speaking at once.  There was SO MUCH ANGER.  At the same time I turned around and saw a group of boys – religious teenagers – walking up the tracks with fists flexing, filled with rage.  I had just seen some Arab teens with the same look and stance on the train that I took to the shuk.

I have never seen anything like this before.

These are kids who were small children during the last intifada, so they have not seen war yet. They are looking for an outlet for their anger rather then knowing when to restrain it.

I immediately flashed back to the book that I had re-read in May, Watchmen on the Wall by Hannah Hurnard. What the author described as being the emotional atmosphere just before the breakout of the war of Independence was happening around us.  She described the rage on both sides as hitting a wall.

No, I have not seen it to this extent before.

Although the investigation is not complete, early reports in Palestinian media are saying that the Palestinian teen who was found in the Jerusalem forest had been burned alive.  What a horror!  Over and over I hear, “Oh, please don’t let it have been a Jew who did this.”

We must wait and see. But as we wait, riots rage, cars and buses are being attacked by rocks, fires are being set, and arguments are heated.

Our southern border with Gaza has been on the verge of igniting as some 30 rockets a day are raining down from Gaza.  There have been a number of direct hits on buildings, including a home that was being used as a summer camp for children.  It is truly a miracle that no one has been injured.

Israel is responding and many troops (including the sons and daughters of believers) have been called up to the border.  Please pray for them.  Egypt is trying to broker a cease-fire.  I personally have been amazed at the strong calm of Binyamin Netanyahu, our prime minister, who has been quoting more and more scripture, not in a religious manner, but as one who is truly reading the Bible. He says that he studies it to find answers.

Today is Shabat and so there is quiet outside of our apartment as people rest and so does the news media.  I do not hear nearly as many sirens or planes today.  It is also the Moslem Ramadan and so the Arabs have been rioting mostly at night on a full stomach.  Shabat ends at around 8:30 p.m. I have no idea what lies ahead, but oh how thankful I am that I can and do praise The One Who DOES know and that I know beyond a doubt that He has it all in His Hands for His glory.

Your sis,



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2 responses to “Inside Israel

  1. I really appreciate hearing about these happenings through J . Thank you, Mr. Larry, for sharing her letters. God bless you!

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. J brings to life the events in Jerusalem. God bless you.

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