The Incredible Miracle

For all those who have waited and waited for a miracle, this is a great testimony, especially if you have suffered from allergies. Claire is one of a kind gal anyway that people love, just because of her enthusiasm. She is a stonkin’ fun type of Kiwi who loves the Lord.

One Passion One Devotion


Twice now I’ve hinted at an incredible life changing moment in my life.  Again its still so amazing and I’m in awe of what has happened.   Now that you know my backstory I’ll go into what happened on Saturday and since then.

Over the weekend our church, The River Christian Church (Auckland) held HIS PRESENCE Conference | UNCONTAINABLE.

It was phenomenal.  The worship went off in every session.  Each message was bang on and relevant and God’s NOW words for me and so many others.  It was great to connect with River people and friends from other churches, and of course, make new friends.  Our kids had their own River Kids conference and had an amazing time discovering more about God and His great love for them.

I felt that the message on Friday night by Paul Saunders was just for me.  It was so where I was at…

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4 responses to “The Incredible Miracle

  1. Just loved this Mr. Larry! What an exciting and uncontainable God we serve! God bless ya!

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. I agree with you on that. God bless you today.

  3. thanks for the share – excellent testimony!

  4. Ben,

    Thanks. Her testimony sure blesses me, too.

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