Praise the Lord…Pass the Ammo (Part 2)



In the late 1980’s, I attended a Pentecostal church with a congregation of 200 members. The young pastor wanted to have prophecy as a part of the services and came up with a plan.

“If you feel you have a prophetic word, come up front to me. Tell me the word and I will determine what to do with it,” he said during a service.

As the worship music finished, I felt I had a prophetic word. I stood up and edged my way out of the middle of the pew to the aisle. I walked up front to the pastor. There I told him my prophetic word.

He shook his head. “No, I don’t believe that is God,” he said.

I walked back down the aisle, edged my way along the pew to my seat and sat down.

After watching what happened to me, how many people do you think prophesied under those conditions in that church? If you guessed zero, you’re correct.

But all things should be done decently and in order. (1 Corinthians 14:40)

What a pastor or you or I think is decent and in order is probably miles away from what the Holy Spirit thinks.

In fact, how many of us or our leaders would allow a casket to be opened up on the way to burial so a believer may pray for the dead person. Or have a grave opened up for healing prayer. Or allow a believer to make spitballs for a blind person. Or allow a person to spit in another person’s eyes.

Aren’t we called to do the works of Jesus? And − yikes − even greater ones?

We believers will never do the works of Jesus or take our places as bold prophetic voices to our communities unless we are taught and then allowed to make mistakes. To accomplish this, our church leaders have to get over the idea that they are called to be professional babysitters and instead become equippers of the saints for ministry.

So, what can we do?

(Continued in Part 3)

Click on to see MyGFA site.

Click on to see MyGFA site.



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2 responses to “Praise the Lord…Pass the Ammo (Part 2)

  1. Exactly why I don’t go anymore unless Daddy specifically tells me to. Most pastors and many believers don’t really want to know what Yehova has to say.
    Keep him in the box that we are comfortable with unless he wants to jump out from time to time to do some tricks for us. Kinda like the way some people treat their dogs. Come on fella do a healing or a financial miracle. Don’t cause a mess though or we will have to put you back where we can control things. 😦

  2. Ephraiyim Yisrael,

    I hear you. We are called to be like “little children,” but sadly, if we act like little children and make mistakes, then we have to be reprimanded and muzzled.

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