Islamic Terrorists Versus Radical Christians: New Game. New Rules. (Part 11)

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How to be a Radical Christian (vi).

And the evil spirit answered and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?” (Acts 19:15)

The number one rule in spiritual warfare is that a believer needs to be known in two places in order to have authority over demonic forces:  heaven and hell.

Being known in heaven comes with having your name written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life at salvation. This is an act of grace by our Lord, and has nothing to do with our individual struggles or works. A believer’s authority is a part of the Christian’s makeup from his new birth onward.

On the other hand, being known in hell comes out of struggles, and then, eventual victories  over demonic forces that have influenced and controlled a believer in different areas of his life. If there are no victories, there will be very little authority over demonic forces.

For instance, I knew a man that was part of a prayer group. The prayer group began interceding against prostitution activity in his neighborhood, and the unclean spirit behind the activity. But the man failed to mention that he himself had a long standing problem with lust.

After a few days of prayer and fasting, prostitutes knocked on his door day and night, offering their services to him free of charge. It almost drove him over the edge. He withdrew from the prayer group.

In Part 5, I stated that a religious spirit empowers and guides the Islamic Terrorists and that the only way to overcome this religious spirit is for a bunch of Radical Christians to get free of the religious spirit that rules over our nation.

So, how do we get free of the religious spirit?

Most of us Christians will have to come out of our present churches in order to accomplish this feat.

(Continued in Part 12)


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4 responses to “Islamic Terrorists Versus Radical Christians: New Game. New Rules. (Part 11)

  1. Oh, my! I am eager to hear the next post in this blog, Larry. How does one overcome the religious spirit over our nation? I’m listening . . .

  2. Lift the Cross of Jesus,

    Keep your ears open. More to come.

  3. This is really good, Mr. Larry. Thank you so much for teaching us and doing this series. God bless you!

  4. Debbie,

    Thanks. You know, maybe today would be a good time to give Aub a super noogie. God bless you.

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