My friend Hope Flinchbaugh at is praying for Burma (Myanmar) today. If you can , please join in so that the Holy Spirit has free reign in this nation, which Open Doors’ World Watch ranks as #25 on its list of most oppressive nations for Christianity.

Lift Jesus' Cross!

Carol, Larry, Donna, BillieJo, Jo Ann, Jean, Ann, Debbie, Marlene, Julia, and Doi, todaywoman prays looking out window B & W is OUR DAY!

Father we come before you in Jesus’ name.  I ask you to cover every prayer warrior today under the shadow of you wings, under the blood of Jesus Christ that we all would remain hidden and concealed in you–even to the vanishing point from the enemy.  We recognize that we do not war against Burmese military but the principalities, forces of darkness, and wickedness in high places that operate through them.  We put on the full armor of God from head to toe.  We cast down thoughts, reasons, theories of man and command our own thoughts to be in obedience to Jesus Christ.  (II Corinthians 3).  Holy Spirit, please help us pray as promised in Romans 8, with groanings and utterings too deep for words.  Search out the Father’s heart and breathe…

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  1. Yay, Larry’s awesome team are on board, too. Thanks, Larry!

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