Too Good Not to Post Today…Really!

I have been praying about something for years and recently I acted on them.  I sent an email to a person in hopes of seeing my prayers being turned into reality. I laid everything on the line: my hopes, my dreams, my vulnerabilities, and so forth.

The net result of my email was zero. Nothing happened. The man never sent me a reply nor did he even acknowledge my email.

Now, this doesn’t bother me in the least because after almost thirty years of walking with the Lord, I have learned a few things about myself. The chief one being that not every idea of mine is from the Lord. Thus, I need to test them and see if they are from Him.

Okay, working with that particular man in the way I envisioned was not from the Lord. Thanks Jesus, I get it.

Then, Mark Pedder, a missionary to the Philippines, posted the above video on his Facebook account. I watched it and bingo! It grabbed my heart. I transcribed the three-minute video word for word and a powerful revelation arose within me. I am now praying and seeking the Lord on the rest of the details and the Lord’s timing.

Here’s the point I want to make: we never know exactly how the Lord is going to speak to us. We just need to seek Him and allow Him to be a BIG God…One that can even use a dancing guy to reveal His plans to us.

(The video is from Derek Sivers and his website can be seen here)

Click on to see MyGFA site.

Click on to see MyGFA site.


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6 responses to “Too Good Not to Post Today…Really!

  1. Ah, but it *was* God’s plan for you to witness to this man (Matt 28:18-20). Remember that many people walked away from teaching by Jesus Himself (e.g., John 6:66). Yet we know that everything He said and did was according to the Father’s plan.

    Be encouraged, Brother. What you did was difficult but not outside of God’s will.

  2. Jim Hasak,

    Thanks. I appreciate your input and insight on this. God bless you.

  3. This is awesome Larry – thanks for sharing.

  4. Ben Nelson,

    Thanks. I agree and thought the video was awesome. It sure opened my eyes.

  5. I loved this Mr. Larry, and am so excited that God gave you this video and encouragement! Yay! God bless you as you dance! 🙂

  6. Debbie,

    Thanks. I’m so excited myself. Yea! God bless you…His closet dancer in the Midwest.

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