Memories Pizza, Indiana, Christianity, and How Not to Win Spiritual Battles? (Part 1)

Conservative leader Patrick Buchanan, author of Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025, in an interview for WND, urged Christians to fight the “LGBT fanatics” who are demanding they betray their faith, even if it means civil disobedience.

Buchanan stated:

“This battle can be won, but it cannot be won if we do not stand our ground and fight against this moral onslaught from the left,” he said. “The hill to stand on and fight on is the God-given natural right and the constitutional principle that people of faith may choose not to associate with those whose actions are abhorrent and whose lifestyle is insulting and offensive to that faith…

“The LGBT militants are not asking to be left alone,” he said. “They are demanding that we accept the morality of homosexuality and same-sex marriages, and manifest that acceptance, under pain of law and sanctions, in our daily lives.”

“As the Romans demanded of the Christians, the LGBT fanatics want us to burn incense to their gods. The answer is no. If it comes to civil disobedience, so be it.” (Full article on interview can be seen here.)

James Dobson of Family Talk Radio, Rick Scarborough of Vision America Action, Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, James Robison of Life Today, and Dr. Michael L. Brown are also mentioned in the article as supporting Buchanan’s hypothesis of possible civil disobedience. Dobson was quoted as saying:

“Are we going to sit on our reputations and go to our graves without having played a role? This is Roe v. Wade all over again. I am standing shoulder to shoulder with all who will stand up for God’s Word concerning marriage. We don’t know all of the steps that must be taken, but God will reveal His will. To the extent that I am able to influence anybody, I will do it with passion.

Dr. Michael Brown added:

“We will treat everyone with civility and respect, but the government or the media or popular pressure will not force us to violate our convictions and beliefs. You will not steal our religious freedoms.” 

So, should we listen to Patrick Buchanan and the others and follow their lead down the slippery slope to possible civil disobedience? And is this how to win the spiritual battle?

(Continued in Part 2)

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Click on to see MyGFA site.


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5 responses to “Memories Pizza, Indiana, Christianity, and How Not to Win Spiritual Battles? (Part 1)

  1. Hmmm. I live under a rock and haven’t followed this story. Will check on it here in a bit! But I just have a feeling that following Pat Buchanan isn’t the way to win spiritual battles. Thanks for doing such a timely series, Mr. Larry! God bless you each moment of the day!

  2. Debbie,

    I haven’t heard that statement about living under a rock in a while. It’s good to recirculate them from time to time. God bless you.

  3. I’m homeschooling my daughter who is a senior this year. That led me to finding Golda Meir, the Israeli PM in the late 60’s to early 70’s. Golda told NBC news back then that even with all the opposition against Israel, she was experiencing a historical movement in her lifetime and she HAD to be a part of it in some way. She HAD to help her people in any way possible. I feel that sense of urgency in what Larry is sharing here. I think for now, it’s important that we form our convictions on this and stick to them. The Bible says that in the last days many will shrink back in fear from Christ, the Bible, the Gospel, the cross, His commandments, His teachings. Loved the research you gave on this, Larry. Thanks for the links. I didn’t see the LGBT acronym spelled out in words anywhere? Not even on WND (World News Daily)?

  4. Lift the Cross of Jesus,

    Thanks for your insight.

    Unlike many believers who want to be correct in their doctrinal positions, I want to win spiritual battles and set the captives free. This may mean swimming upstream against the opinion of other well-known leaders. And at my age, I don’t have to worry about my reputation, which isn’t much to brag about anyway.

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