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Two hundred and forty years ago today, Thomas Paine published his forty-eight page pamphlet: Common Sense. One historian wrote about the publication:

“It would be difficult to name any human composition which has had an effect at once so instant, so extended and so lasting. Common Sense was pirated, parodied and imitated, and translated into the language of every country where the new republic had well-wishers. It worked nothing short of miracles and turned Tories into Whigs.” (History of the American Revolution by Sir George Trevelyan, 1905)

Thomas Paine’s main reason for writing his pamphlet was to encourage the American colonists to free themselves from the rule of King George III.

Unlike Paine, it’s my hope and prayer that Common Sense 2016 will help bring America back under the reign of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords once again.

Amazon description:

Definition of common sense: “The ability to make sound judgments based on known facts. It may be tempered and refined by life’s experiences, but does not require a high degree of sophistication or schooling.”

Is it common sense to keep dusting off 2 Chronicles 7:14 after every national tragedy, like 911 or San Bernardino, even though nothing ever changes?

Is it common sense for evangelicals to claim the 2016 Presidential Election as the most important election in the history of America? Didn’t we utter the same phrase in 2012? And 2008? And 2004? And 2000?

Is it common sense for Christians to keep pointing at the Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Socialists, the President, Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, Gays, Planned Parenthood, and whoever else as being the source of America’s troubles?

Is it common sense for believers to hope that Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Bernie Sanders, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or whoever can possibly pull our nation back from the brink of destruction?

The common sense answer to all of the above questions is “no.”

So, what is the answer?

Common Sense 2016 is a common sense approach to what is presently happening in America, looking at our past through the lens of the Bible and then into the future through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. The book forces us to take off our rose-colored glasses and accurately discern our times.

The author of Common Sense 2016 is Larry Nevenhoven, who has published ten other Amazon eBooks. It is Nevenhoven’s most urgent call for action to today’s Christians.

74 pages        Author: Larry Nevenhoven        Publisher: LarryWho

Kindle eBook: FREE through January 13, 2016.

Available on Amazon for Kindle and Kindle Apps.


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2 responses to “Common Sense 2016

  1. I can’t believe you have another book out and are generously offering it for free! Thank you and God bless you, Mr. Larry!

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. God bless you my friend.

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