Today, Anna’s Secret is Exposed!



Anna L. Davis, is a believer, a godly wife, mother, daughter, sister, and my friend, but yet, she has a secret. One that was pretty much kept in the closet until today. In her words:

“I am (mostly) a mild-mannered editor for Henery Press. But by night and on weekends, I become a coffee-guzzling cyberpunk writer who feeds on biotech mayhem.”

A cyberpunk? For those of you who are not in the know about this term, it was coined in 1983 by Bruce Bethke, an award winning Science Fiction writer. And guess what? Bethke wrote this about Anna’s new novel:

Open Source hits the ground running and never slows down. If you like CSI: Cyber or </scorpion, you’ll love Open Source.”

Amy Rogers of said:

“In a plausible near future, in response to a terror attack, Americans must be microchipped if they want health care or a job. Privacy is a lie, digital torture is real, and the well-off choose to install enhancing hardware in their brains. One man rejects all this. When a NeuroChip is forcibly implanted in him, he learns the hard way about mind control from both sides. Open Source is a paranoid, mind-bending scifi thriller for our time.”

The reason why Bruce Bethke, Amy Rogers, and numerous others write glowing reviews about Anna’s new novel, Open Source, is that the story is so well-written. A page turner with conflict in almost every paragraph. The main characters – Ryker Morris, Rae, Sawyer, Nox, and Helen –are complex with a depth, which makes you want to know them even better.

My favorite character is Helen — “a grouchy person, bent over with age, carrying a brown suede purse, old ratty afghan, and a ready scowl.” In an early scene:

We both prepared to stand up. Helen may be grouchy and into all kinds of weird Voodoo stuff, but we had her back. She was one of us.

Pointing a wrinkled finger in the rich kid’s face, Helen swung around on her chair. “Don’t ever touch me again, son. You hear? I know things about these streets you might never learn. They’re haunted, yes. I do say, haunted! Soon enough, no. A kid like you? Ain’t you never gonna see. One minute, asleep. Next…cursed. No warning, no. Ain’t you never gonna see what’ll come after you. In the dark.” (Open Source, pp. 19)

If you enjoy scifi thrillers, you will enjoy Open Source. If you enjoy fast-moving, well written stories, you will enjoy Open Source. And if you’re a Christian, you will enjoy the redemptive story Anna threads throughout her novel.

My wife Carol says about Anna:

“She is a fantastic writer, but you know, she is really pretty, too.”

Open Source is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and iTunes. You can check it out here and check out Anna L. Davis here.


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2 responses to “Today, Anna’s Secret is Exposed!

  1. How wonderful, Mr. Larry!!! Thank you for sharing Anna’s secret with us!!! 🙂 God bless you and her and her new book!

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. God bless you.

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