Lord, Help Me Love Democrats (Part 3)

The landmark Roe vs. Wade decision by the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973, blindsided Christianity. Confused Christians jumped into foxholes and hid from the wicked aftermath of the decision.

Rev. Jerry Falwell, the pastor of the largest independent Baptist church in America and the founder of Liberty University, realized Roe vs. Wade undermined the moral fabric of America. He had long held the belief that politics and Christianity should not be mixed and had often stated, “Preachers are not called to be politicians, but soul winners.”

But two things eventually changed his mind.

First, Falwell was influenced by the writings of Francis Schaeffer, who blamed society’s downfall on secular humanism. Schaeffer urged Christians, especially pastors, to become political activists, stating, “Christians had a moral duty to step into political arenas to change nations…”

Second, Falwell studied the success of the Civil Rights movement. He noted how America was forever changed because Martin Luther King, Jr. and the other leaders forced governments to grant equal rights to all Americans, not just whites.

So, in 1976, Rev. Falwell held “I Love America” rallies across America. Large crowds gathered to hear him preach against the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, the family breakdown, and communism.

These rallies catapulted Falwell into the forefront of the Christian political movement.

In 1979, conservative leaders and Republican operatives convinced Rev. Falwell to co-found, along with Paul Weyrich, the Moral Majority. Weyrich was the founder of the Heritage Foundation and also coined the term − moral majority. It was Weyrich’s knowledge of grassroots politics, which helped set up Moral Majority chapters in states, especially the South.

Rev. Falwell barnstormed America during the 1980 presidential campaign giving speeches, holding seminars, and preaching sermons in every major city. President Ronald Reagan won the election and became America’s 40th president. Many credited Moral Majority and Falwell’s preaching for the victory.

The popularity of Moral Majority lessened in the late 1980’s and was disbanded in 1989.

I certainly believe Rev. Jerry Falwell was a godly man who had good intentions, but I believe America is still burdened by his and other leaders’ decisions during the 1970’s. We will look at what I consider to be their mistakes in future articles.

(Continued in Part 4…if you are interested, the full series, which was written in 2014, may be seen here.)


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6 responses to “Lord, Help Me Love Democrats (Part 3)

  1. Thanks Mr. Larry. I like learning here with you. :). This may not fit here, but He gave me a little saying / poem today.

    The world
    has rights
    but believers
    have Christ.

    I had a young man flip,out on me, flip me off, race after me, catching me at the stop light, pounding on the glass car window , the one Aub was sitting beside, yelling that he had the right of way. I told him sorry, I didn’t see him . . .he finally drove away. He didn’t have the right away really. But he thought he did. Not sure why I am telling you all,this, but it impacted me. 🙂 God bless you!

  2. Debbie,

    That’s a great story and your reply is scriptural. “A gentle answer turns away wrath.” (Proverbs 15:1) God bless you.

  3. I don’t vote. I care about out leaders, so I pray, but I don’t vote. I view our nation as a neo tower of Babel really, and it doesn’t much matter who leads it – unless everyone disbanded this project of making a name for ourselves and began following Jesus. But that aint what happens.

    I really cant believe the two choices we have for president. There were some reasonably better choices before it narrowed down to these two. Not that I was hot for any of them, but still…. I love that Trump and Bernie shook things up. I believe the business-as-usual government is screwing us and not serving God. I fear the banks and insurance companies more than big government, but I see them as teamed up against little people for the most part no matter which party is in charge. And still, I must remind myself that Jesus was part of the little people, and he turned the whole empire on its head! Like little David vs. BIG GOLIATH, when God guides the stone, that is what matters, and really the size of the bully that falls actually brings more glory to him when he finally moves!

    Still, I pray for the leaders, though I don’t like them. I am always on the losing side of every election, no matter the seats up for grabs. So, I am used to praying for my enemies it seems. Well, that is putting it strongly, but I think you get my drift.

    Jesus is Lord! He has my allegiance. That is the best I can do, and I hope I do it well.

    Thanx for caring, Larry. I always appreciate your humility. I never told you that, but I have seen it, and it challenges me. Please keep it up. You preach sometimes without using words!


  4. Agent X,

    I agree with you and believe our government is a part of the world system, which is never to going to agree with Christ and His ways. Oh, they may mouth a few scriptures to garner votes, but that’s it until the next election.

    My real reasoning for not voting was that I was reading an article by Brother Andrew of Open Doors. He explained how he and his team never take sides in political battles because he believes both sides need Christ. By taking this neutral stance, he and his team have been able to minister to communists, socialists, Palestinians, Arabs, and whoever because he has no record of being against them.

    I like the idea of being a peacemaker versus a diversionary force.

    Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Good word brother. Rather than reading ahead, as I am prone to do, I am waiting to see whether some of what you are seeing lines up with what I believe Daddy has shown me.
    I suspect we are much closer than either of us would imagine if not completely in agreement as to what we need to be as a result.
    The Kingdom is in our midst.
    Be blessed and say hello to your lovely wife from the two of us.

  6. Ephraiyim,

    Thanks Tony. Give Janelle a big hug for us.

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