Lord, Help Me Love Democrats (Part 12)


Dad and I rarely talked about politics, but I remember one conversation as a senior in college.

“How do you choose which political candidate to vote for?” I asked.

“I always vote for the best person,” Dad said, puffing on his pipe.

“Really? Have you ever voted for a Democrat or even looked into their positions on issues?

“No, I’ve never once voted for a Democrat or even bothered to check them out. They never measured up well against Republicans.”

“So, you always vote for the best person as long as he’s a Republican, right?”

“Yeah, that pretty well sums up my political philosophy.”

As you can guess from this exchange, my parents voted conservative and raised me to think the same way, which I did until attending college. There I discovered being a conservative just because my parents, Roy Rogers, and John Wayne voted like that were not winning arguments with my classmates, seventy percent of whom came from the Chicago area. I soon followed the lemming herd, becoming a liberal like most of the University of Illinois students.

I remained a dedicated liberal until my salvation in 1985, at which time I changed my voting status to Independent. I did this not for any political reasons, but because I no longer cared or read about politics. It seemed like such a waste of time when compared to seeking the Lord.

A few weeks after the 1992 presidential election, I happened to watch a TBN television program, featuring Pentecostal preacher Carlton Pearson. He read a copy of a letter, which was written by Paul Cain and addressed to Rick Joyner. The letter related the dream Paul Cain had the night before the presidential election about the reasons why the Lord was placing Bill Clinton into the office of President of the United States. As a sign that this dream was from the Lord, Paul Cain received the headlines for five major newspapers on the day following the election on the morning of November 4, 1992. The letter was postmarked and time stamped: 10:30 a.m., November 3, 1992. The five headlines proved to be accurate.

I had read the book, Some Said It Thundered, by David Pytches and knew a little about Paul Cain and his prophetic ministry. But yet, Cain’s accuracy and words still shocked me. To be honest, I figured Satan elected President Clinton into office, but the letter blew my thoughts about the election out of the water. The letter also opened my eyes to the possibilities of God revealing ahead of time who would win a political election.

Cain’s prophecies directed believers to pray for Bill Clinton and his administration in order for God’s divine plans to become realities in America.

(The above is an excerpt from my memoir, The Hunt for Larry Who, Amazon eBook, © 2014 by Larry Nevenhoven)

(Continued in Part 13…if you are interested, the full series, which was written in 2014, may be seen here.) 


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5 responses to “Lord, Help Me Love Democrats (Part 12)

  1. I’ve always struggled with Paul Cain’s prophecy about God ‘s setting President Clinton into office, but it does remind us how God’s ways are not our ways.

  2. How do you love a democrat? What does that look like?

    Let me be facetious just a bit…

    It’s not like you can go out for a night of baby-killing and make some memories! It’s not like you can hang out at the gay night club, take a little in the back side, and say, thanx for the memoires!!!

    So… how do you love a Dem? What interests do we share? And isn’t love sometimes tough and confrontational?

    I am betting it is both ends of that equation. There are interests I share. In fact, to over generalize grossly, but still to capture something of the spirit of things… Republicans TEND to be the party that loves God and Dems TEND to be the party that loves neighbor. (YES there are enough exceptions to this rule to call it into question, but there is enough tendency to make a point too). And these are two things Christ would have us NOT drive apart!!!! They go together! So… there is tough love and confrontation a plenty to go around actually! And there is interests we share that belong together.

    Now… putting all that into action is the trick. And I think it is worth exploring what that would look like and tor try to invite people to attempt it.


  3. Agent X,

    I tend to agree with Alexis de Tocqueville who wrote in the 1830’s: “There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle.”

  4. That is a good point for thought, about God appointing presidents that we think Satan got into office. Thank you, Mr. Larry, and God bless!

  5. Debbie,

    Hey, I was shocked when I read it. God bless you.

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