Why California? Why San Francisco? Why Now? (Part 8)



If I were a photographer, an apartment owner, or just an ordinary businessman, and two gays wanted to do business with me, I’d say, “Okay, will that be cash or credit card?”

I believe sound business sense dictates that my services or products  should be available to as many people as possible without ever attempting to exclude any particular groups. This is how I believe the marketplace works best.

My personal responsibility as a businessman is to walk in integrity and offer good values to customers for fair prices. This means that each customer, no matter who he is, must receive equal treatment and service. Period.

Now, if two gays lived next door to me, I’d obey scripture by loving them as I love myself. I’d be their friends. I’d help them. I’d defend them. I’d pray for them. I’d drink coffee and eat with them. Most likely, unless they asked me, they’d never know how I actually felt about homosexuality.

This is how I normally live the gospel of the kingdom of God in the world around me.

But there is another side of me, which is filled with red-hot anger.

The anger is a result of being sick and tired of seeing Satan lie and deceive 2-3% or more of America’s population into thinking a gay life style is acceptable before God and man because it is not! This lifestyle was created by Satan and his kingdom of darkness to mock the Creator and destroy men and women.

So God created man in His [own] image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” (Genesis 1:27-28)

God created man in His own image…what does that mean?

First, because God is Spirit, He created Adam and Eve to have a God-like spirit within them which was alive to God. Both communicated and fellowshipped in their spirits with Him without any problems.

Secondly, man’s spirit was wrapped in a physical body. But wait, how can flesh and blood possibly be created in God’s image?

The answer lies in four words: Be fruitful and multiply.”

You see, the Creator designed man to be a creator. Sperm from a man joined with an egg from a woman creates life… another human being. This creation process is to be carried out within a marriage between a husband and a wife through sexual activity. And as creators, the two spouses decide for themselves whether or not to create life.

Satan eventually threw a wrench into God’s plans by deceiving Eve and causing Adam to sin with a boldface lie.

Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:4-5)

Adam and Eve were already created in the likeness of God!

Yet, Satan’s cunning words somehow caused the two to disbelieve the One who created them and instead believe Satan. After all, the  forbidden fruit looked pleasant to the eyes and was desirable.

This rebellion by Adam and Eve caused sin to enter the world and man spiritually died and was separated from God. Satan then became the god of this world.

Yet, the father of lies, Satan, was not satisfied with just a spiritual separation between God and and the apple of His eye —man. His ultimate goal was to mock God and destroy men. And what better way to accomplish this task than to get mankind to rebel against God’s first command:

Be fruitful and multiply… (Genesis 1: 28)

The Bible refers to sexual activity orchestrated by Satan between two men or two women as the unfruitful deeds of darkness. Unfruitful?  No life can ever be created from this activity. It mocks the Creator’s plan for men and women.

Okay, who killed Harvey Milk on November 27, 1978? The obvious answer is Dan White. But who helped push White into committing the murder?

The spirit of depravity.

(Continued in Part 9…if you are interested, the full series, which was written in 2012, may be seen here.)  


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7 responses to “Why California? Why San Francisco? Why Now? (Part 8)

  1. I really appreciate this post and your heart as revealed here. Thanx for this.

    My own views and praxis is very similar to yours.

    I have many openly gay friends. Most of them do not know the depths of my thoughts about their sexual praxis. I do not run around confronting them. I think there would be value in that, actually, but it surely must be done with masterful grace IF in fact it should be done. I am not entirely sure about that except that I feel certain I am ill equipped for the job.

    However, I became quite close with a lesbian couple a few years ago who won my genuine respect and care. They took care of me in my need, and that has a way of winning you over! However, I did not confront them. I allowed them to assume I endorsed their love life.

    Then I began to hear rumblings, side comments in the backside of other conversations, to the effect that since I am a minister, they figured I could marry them. I did not protest this. I just let it rumble.

    After relating with them for about 2 years, they took me out to dinner one evening. It was a nice treat. And in the course of conversation, they confronted me! They wanted to see if I would be willing to marry them.

    At that point I came out to them in as loving a sense as I could. I affirmed my love and respect for them but told them that I do not in fact endorse their love life nor do I think it honors God. I could not pretend such a union would please HIM.

    This conversation damaged our relationship deeply. There were tears. Then long silence. Even today, we do not relate much with each other, however the few times our paths have crossed, it has been with hugs and love. But there is a deep sense now that we do NOT share this “joy” in the end.

    That saddens me deeply. Not sure how to change my history with them or if I should, if I could. I do not sense it is my fault that our relationship suffered. On the contrary, I kept my views to myself for years and yet loved them despite holding such views. I proved myself, to that extent. It is a wrench in the worx of hostility that seems so “normal” in the politics of homosexuality.

    Nevertheless, a beautiful couple of friends of mine now no longer relate beautifully with me.

    I think I could attend their wedding as a friend, maybe even bring a gift. If I were a photographer, I believe I could take the pics, if I were a landlord, I believe I would rent to them. If I were a homeless shelter, I believe I would allow them in (and not try to interfere and separate them). BUT… HOWEVER… I do have a confrontation for those IN THE CHURCH who practice a life of homosexuality AND who also endorse it.

    Let me be clear on this. If a brother (sister) struggles with feelings of homosexual desire and succumbs to the temptations, I still love and honor that brother as a brother and child of God. I want to help that brother, not kick him while he is down. That struggle is like few others. Sexual orientation and sexual urges are just very powerful phenomena. I certainly have not lived a sexually pure life. Even as an adolescent in sexual self discovery, I managed to stumble into pitfalls of shame. So, such a brother has my godly sympathy.

    Yet, when it comes to that “and endorse” part, I have a strong disagreement. This is the part that is tearing the church apart in my town. Some who struggle with the phenom have decided that God, in his good graces, has somehow changed his mind and now allows homosex as a form of honoring God.

    This is extremely unbiblical – even anti-biblical. We honor God when we bear his image – that is what we were made for. We dishonor God when we tarnish that image somehow. And God made humans in his Image Male AND FEMALE! His image is a sexual image! And it is an image of pure love. Homosex tarnishes that.

    Now, we all fall short of the Glory, alright, and there is grace for those falling. However, when we then speak in the place of God and change what he has said, we speak a lie – and we usurp God’s rule all over again in a second order rebellion. It is like committing rebellion and then saying we didn’t. No. We must confess it, struggle against it for all we are worth. Even if we lose 70 times 7 times, there will be forgiveness for those in the struggle, but for those who remake the world, creation, and the Kingdom in their own image, there will only be destruction.

    Hope I resonate. And I very much appreciate that in today’s hostile market of ideas, you are brave enough to speak, gracious enough to love, and HUMBLE enough to be gentle!

    Your post gets my AMEN!

  2. Agent X,

    Your comment needs to be read by everyone because it’s that good.

    Thanks for your input.

  3. Thank you so much, Mr. Larry, for teaching us what God’s word says and what it means, along with the ability He gives us to love. And thanks to Agent X for what he adds to your posts! God bless!

  4. Debbie,

    Thanks. This has been more interesting than usual.God bless you.

  5. Just went to a dinner Sat where there was a female gay couple. I just loved on them. Also have lesbian neighbors, one of whom gave her heart to Jesus and is trying. She knows where i stand and often asks my input on things she struggles with. Even tells people I am her pastor.
    I also hate what the enemy has done. In her case she was abused mentally, physically and sexually by many men from an early age and only wants to be loved.
    I understand but still regularly inform her that she needs to seek Dady’s love, as do we all. She ended her relationship but still longs for closeness ect. My wife and I try but until she gets that revelation of Yehovah’s love I can only be the best expression of it and pray for her.

  6. ephraiyim highlights a phenom I see frequently. I am sure this is a generalization, and thus unfair (though not mean spirited) because even if it is a trend, it is not true of all (necessarily). But in several lesbian relationships, I have detected that the women had previously lived hetero – even in dedicated long-term relationships (marriage) but endured abuse from the man they were vulnerable to for long time and/or at great intensity. It seems that lesbian relations then provide an attractive alternative for some of these women, and sadly, the sometimes find such a deep sense of grace there that they think it surely is blessed of God.

    I don’t try to argue with that, if I can help it. I have well considered critical thoughts on it, but they require such an injured person to face their injuries with a braver face than they are likely ready for. Healing those hetero wounds, assuming it is true healing, almost by definition then mean that hetero love is healed and wholesome on the other end of that healing process. Female on female will always fall short of the glory of the image of the Gen. 1:27 God. But a truly healed hetero relationship where vulnerability is finally respected and handled with real grace actually can achieve that image.

    Anyway, the point that catches my eye is the abuse factor. It actually calls forth even more sensitivity from God’s ministers, I think. It is a real phenom, providing the best alternative comfort these ladies are likely to imagine.

  7. Ephraiyim and Agent X,

    As you both have stated, there are no set rules to follow when ministering to the gay/lesbian community except to allow Jesus to live through you. Each instance requires hearing His voice and being His hands.

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