Updates On Writing, Life And So Forth

I am a plodder, much like an old farmer walking behind a horse-drawn plow in a world filled with 400-horsepower tractors and twenty-bottom plows. It would be fun to  sit on a large tractor and finish the field in one day, but that’s not who I am.

So, I trudge forward.

Giddy up, old Babe.

For almost six months, I have been working at Panera Bread in Tempe. I started as a delivery driver, mainly delivering sandwiches, salads and so forth to employees at local businesses. Then, somehow, I also ended up being the opening cashier and set-up person for pastries, bagels, coffee, smoothies and so forth, arriving at 5 a.m. four to six days each week.

If you can, try to visualize a plodding farmer, like me, working in a pastry department, making smoothies and cafe mochas. As you can imagine, there have been more than a few mishaps along the way.

One customer even told the store manager, “You can’t ever get rid of Larry, he adds humor to this store.” He was referring to my mistakes, not my witty quips!

Giddy up, old Babe.

As far as the two writing projects I have been working on, one has not moved forward one inch. The other is 15,000 words further down the road, but I have recently learned that I need to add another 25,000 words. The good news is I have just received a divine inspiration on how to proceed, YEA!

But not so fast, Larry!

It seems the Lord has laid on my heart a new writing project. This will soon begin on this blog and will end up being a book or whatever.

Giddy up, old Babe.

Starting Monday, I will begin working as an UBER driver. More plodding, but just in a different field.

Giddy up, old Babe.


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4 responses to “Updates On Writing, Life And So Forth

  1. June Huff

    Love the Update ; short, sweet and fun, except for the 5 a.m., four to six days a week part.

  2. Bless you and thank you for the update!

  3. June,

    Fortunately, I have a sense of humor and so does God. God bless you.

  4. Debbie,

    Thanks. God bless you.

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