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Is the Upcoming American Civil War Our Prep for the End-Times? (Part 1)


The disciples asked Jesus about the signs of His second coming and also the end of the age. He replied, “There will be wars and rumors of wars with nations rising against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms and famines and earthquakes.”

But in the midst of His above words, Jesus said:

See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. (Matthew 24:6 ESV)

Since Cain killed Abel in Chapter 4 of Genesis, the world certainly has witnessed its share of wars and uprisings throughout the centuries. Yet, I don’t believe Jesus is talking about all of the historical wars here, but instead, I believe He is talking about a specific turbulent time period at the end of the age.

It’s my belief that the nations of the world, especially Israel, will be so fed up with war and the chaotic calamities happening during this turbulent time period that they will be willing to do anything to have peace. This will result in the signing of a peace treaty for a one-world government, which will usher in the Antichrist at its head. Just so you know, the Antichrist will not appear as the son of perdition (even though he is), but rather as an angel of light and a minister of righteousness. He might even be carrying a Bible and singing, “Power in the Blood,” when he takes his oath for office.

Okay, but why did Jesus say, “This must take place?”

Chapter 24 of Matthew is the best timeline for the end-times and the prophetic Book of Revelation. So, in order for all of the end-time prophecies to take place in the Father’s chosen time and season, some actions will have to kickstart those scenarios. These are a few of them.

Now we need to remember that some prophecies are placed in the Bible so we can pray the problems away, but others are there to forewarn us so we can prepare ourselves beforehand. Jesus’ words plainly tell us ahead of time not to waste our energy trying to pray these problems away, but rather, we need to prepare ourselves to go through these times of sorrows.

If you’re thinking the Lord wouldn’t allow His church to go through such suffering, let me ask a question: who sets the Antichrist and his killers loose to prey upon the earth?

Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals…When He opened the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seals.. (Revelation 6:1 to Revelation 8:1)

The Lamb – our Lord Jesus Christ – is the only One who can open the seals for these seven seal judgments. He is also the One who releases Death and Hades to kill one fourth of the earth in the fourth seal judgment.

Each of us can study Revelation, Daniel, Zechariah, Matthew 24, and the other end-times’ scriptures to determine our own beliefs, but what does this have to do with an upcoming American Civil War?

For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom… (Matthew 24:7)

Most of us can see the possibilities of wars breaking out between the United States, Russia, China, Iran and countless other nations, but how many of us can see the possibility of a civil war breaking out in America?

Sadly, I firmly believe it will happen. Not only do I believe a civil war will soon take place, killing thousands of Americans, but I also believe we can’t pray it away.

Why would the Lord allow this to happen to America?

(Continued in Part 2)

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Inside Israel


The Shuk in Jerusalem


Once again, it’s time to hear from our sister in Jerusalem about what she is witnessing there as a believer in Yeshua. Put your prayer shawls on and pray for Israel and Sister J. Now here she is —

To HIM Who is Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace, The Creator. TO HIM be all glory and may HE be blessed.  May you all be encouraged and blessed and know that you are loved.


How incredibly thankful I am that I know Him Who never changes and can’t be moved, because everything around us changes so rapidly and all that can shake surely is being shaken.  Although I do know that some of you get all sorts of reports and know quite well what is happening here, I also know that MANY others of you have told me that you hear nothing and would like to know, so for this second group, I will share some of the things going on as I see it at the end of this letter perhaps…


This letter is more to share the path that I am walking and the fruit along the way.  It’s just how wonderful how He can open surprise doors and streams in the desert…and I get to share with you, not one, but TWO such opportunities to rejoice. NOT to rejoice in me for getting the opportunities, but in the fact that HE does such marvelous things.

So, my hand hurts.  No, actually it’s been “killing me big time” for about 2 months.  And it’s my right hand, the one that I use all the time for everything.  Suddenly it really hurt to write, to cut veggies, to do dishes, and forget opening bottles.

My tea cup fell from my hand. The pain went right up through my elbow and shoulder and I kept thinking that it would either go away or well, maybe you know, the body is getting older and things sometimes hurt.  Kudos to you who ALWAYS get healed. I have had miraculous healings. Some very dramatic, and my GOD DOES HEAL, but He also is Truth and the truth is that it hurt and wasn’t healed yet.

My doctor sent me to our health fund’s occupational therapist.  (In Hebrew that is ‘rapooie h’eesook’ רפוי בעסוק.)  I was unfamiliar with this service and was pleasantly surprised to spend an hour with one fun lady from Canada who soaked my hand in hot wax.  She made me a brace that fits and has helped wonderfully.

Of course, we talked about where we came from and why and although I lifted it before The Lord, there was no opening that I found to share there as yet.

BUT OUTSIDE WAS THE SECRETARY!  She was a lovely sabra (native born Israeli) with many of the characteristics of a sabra that I have shared before.  She was DIRECT. There just is NO TIME for beating around the bush with her. But it was a funny conversation that went something like this when I tried to make my next appointment

 “OH! You speak Hebrew?  I heard you speaking English.  Why were you speaking English?” she demanded.

I told her, “Well Ruthie is from Canada and English is our mother tongue so it was easy for both of us.”

That was only a door. She continued, “She’s been here 30 years and you speak better than she does!”

NOT! I thought, but thank you.

Then the clincher – “Where do you come from?” she asked.

When she heard, me say, “Alaska,” she lost it.


“It’s pretty there,” I replied.  


The more of my story that I shared the more she shot questions at me, especially when she heard that my Husband is not Jewish.

“We HAVE to be here!  We are Jewish and we have no choice but WHY IN THE WORLD would anyone who doesn’t have to be here be here?”

Oh my she was intrigued and quite demonstrative about it all.

“Well, you know that it is written in Yeshi’aho (Isaiah) that we Jews will be brought home from the ends of the earth and someone had to come from there. So it is us,”I told her.

To my amazement her answer was: “Well at least did you bring Messiah with you?” 

Let that question settle a moment.  I didn’t HAVE a moment as she continued to shoot questions.

I answered “Yes…as a matter of fact…yes I did.” 

 But she didn’t take notice of my answer and I’m glad. Perhaps because I don’t think that she was ready to hear the full answer but I have her to pray for now. That her heart would be prepared and that HE would remove the scales.

For me though, it was enough to excite me by way of memory that I MUST be ready in season and out of season to give an answer to those who ask.  And perhaps that prepared me for today’s encounter with Kinneret, the secretary along side of me who works for the other doctor. She is the one who replaced Mali. I have asked you to pray for her before, so perhaps He is answering YOUR prayers?

Kinneret, the mother of 5, has a heart-wrenching story.  I shared some of it 5 months ago when she began working with me, but have learned more since. Her 16 year-old twins have mental problems.  Perhaps you remember that her mother has been in a mental hospital since Kinneret was about 5. She is schizophrenic and Kinneret has the dark fear that she has passed the genes down to her children.

Now her son (twin) who has not left the house in a year says that he is homosexual and so ashamed that he wants to die.  As she tearfully shared these griefs with me, how she tries so hard and nothing she puts her hand to succeeds, she has such a broken heart and so much fear. AND she is religious, an orthodox woman.



And so I did. With not enough Hebrew (she speaks no English), there at work, with work to do, but through the door that He was opening, I shared what I could.  I shared how He came to me and how He changed me, NOT by works that I did but by coming IN and living inside of me and bringing me His peace.  She wept and listened and asked some questions. We spoke for about an hour.

Will you pray for her and her family?  Will you pray for HIM ALONE TO BE SEEN AND GLORIFIED?

Yesterday we heard a wonderful message in kehila reminding us about WHO IT IS to Whom we pray and WHO it Is Who leads us through the wilderness, where we grumble for meat when He has given us manna, where we accuse Him of bringing us to death when He is bringing us to LIFE.  And just when you least expect it, HE appears.

And opens a door or two.


Very briefly, an opinion from your sister-of-NO-expertise.

Times are changing here.  Even the silence is different. SOMETHING is happening and Iran is involved.  When the intense rocket fire of last week ended suddenly with a ceasefire that Hamas declared, I thought, “Huh…I don’t think so….”

Friday we were back to “from the river to the sea we are taking back the land,” along with the fires being set by the kites loaded with incendiaries  and then again last night we had more rockets from Gaza into S. Israel.

By the way, the rockets and mortars that we have retrieved were made in Iran.  On our North there has been much tension, and yes, the weather has been mighty strange.



GOD bless you dear brothers and sisters.




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Year End Sabbatical

dolly tree

I will be taking a break from blogging, except for announcing my WND columns, until the first week in January.

May grace and peace be multiplied to you and your household this holiday season.


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My Final Rant of 2016



My friend, Bill Sheridan, described his memoir, Depot Street Memories, as being a collection of essays. “It does not have a beginning or an end. At some point I will stop writing. That will be your cue to stop reading.”

His words communicate exactly what I am doing today: stopping my blog until 2017.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year. I have enjoyed all of you and look forward to great things happening in 2017.


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My Final Rant for 2014

dolly 3


My friend, Bill Sheridan, described his memoir, Depot Street Memories, as being comprised of essays. Then, he added: ” It does not have a beginning or an end. At some point I will stop writing. That will be your cue to stop reading.”

His words communicate exactly what I am doing today: stopping my blog until 2015.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year. I have enjoyed all of you and look forward to great things happening in 2015.


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How Big is our God?


The following is a true story about a MyGFA campaign and a dad who involved his children in the campaign decision:

Dad: “For Christmas this year what do you think about our family helping raise support for a Jesus Well?”

Kids: “YEAH!!! That sounds great!”

Dad: “How many wells should we raise support for?” (Dad quietly thinking possibly five wells, because anything is possible with God!)

Kids: “How much does a Jesus Well cost?”

Dad: “One thousand four hundred dollars.”

Kids: “Ok. Let’s raise support for one thousand four hundred Jesus Wells.”

Dad: Humbled. “Do you know how much money that would take? We would need to involve everyone we know and then they would have to involve everyone they know and on and on and on…”

Kids: “Daddy, How big is our God?”

Dad: “One thousand four hundred Jesus Wells sounds like the perfect God inspired number. Now let’s get ready to watch God move!”

This is your invitation to become a part of the story to personally see how God can use anyone with a willing heart to accomplish His will. (You can read the rest of the campaign article here.)

To date, the family has raised $2867, which means they still need $1,957,133 to meet their campaign goal. Why not help them out? You can do that by clicking here.

After all, how big is our God?


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I Love Christmas

dolly tree


In 1994, I attended a Christmas party for youths at an inner city church. There were thirty to forty youngsters between the ages of three and ten years old. The kids were mostly from homes where the mothers had drug/alcohol problems and the fathers were long absent from the homes. Although the children were poor, they wore their best clothes for the party.

The kids sat in a circle in the middle of the church’s basement. I sat between two of the youngest girls who alternated between sitting on their chairs and on my lap. Both were too excited to sit still.

The young teacher asked, “Why do you like Christmas?” She pointed to a child and added, “Okay, let’s start with you and go around the circle. Each can answer that question for us.”

One by one, they stood up and gave their answers. Each mentioned Jesus a little bit and then quickly added, “I sure hope I get such and such toy for Christmas.”

This continued in this manner until a seven-year old boy stood up. “We don’t believe in Christmas!” he proclaimed and sat down with his arms folded across his chest.

All of the other kids gasped, not understanding why the boy said what he did.

The little boy’s mother stood up. “Yes, we don’t celebrate Christmas. December 25th is not even when Jesus was born and is in fact the date of a pagan holiday.” She continued on for five minutes in a diatribe about how it was wrong to celebrate the holiday of Christmas.

Finally, she sat down.

The little children sat there stunned by her words. They looked like they had just heard their pet had been run over by a Mac truck. Their faces revealed their hurt.

I felt the Holy Spirit come upon me and I stood up.

“Yes, she may be right that December 25th is not the exact day for Jesus’ birth, but who really cares about the exact date? He was born and loves us now. Yes, December 25th may have been a pagan holiday, but who even remembers that stupid god except a bunch of fuddy-duddy Christians. That god is long dead and Jesus is alive. As far as pagan holidays go, the other 364 days of the year are all pagan holidays for one god or another. But this one day of the year, Jesus has reclaimed for Himself. If you happen to live in any nation of the world and hear the word ‘Christmas,’ you will learn that a man named Jesus was born on that day. So, let’s enjoy this one day when our Lord Jesus is remembered by the whole world.”

I sat down and every kid jumped with joy. The party continued onward.

The woman ended up coming up to me afterward. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I was wrong to push my ideas on the group and I felt you spoke the word of the Lord to me and everyone. Forgive me.”

The memory of that particular party still reverberates in my heart. I love Christmas.


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