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My Prayers and Offerings for India are Mere Drops in an Ocean of Need


If I were Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, I could help thousands of abandoned children in India with a signature. The check could be for a million, or even a billion dollars, and it wouldn’t faze me… if I were one of these two men.

But sadly, I’m not.

You see, I’m just an ordinary Joe. My life has been spent treading water from one month to the next, never quite affording a boat to travel atop the waves. A tsunami is new brakes for our car. A fiscal cliff  happens to us at the end of every month.

Yet, even though I’m an ordinary Joe, the Lord has laid the abandoned children of India on my heart.

I hear their cries. I see their tear-streaked faces. I feel their loneliness. I know their hopes do not include iPads or iPhones or college educations, but rather, they just hope to survive today. Tomorrow is too far away to even think about it.

Here’s a poem by an abandoned Dalit child:

I am nobody

Worthless my life is

To Untouchables I was born

A Dalit child my fate sealed.


I was born in slums

Rights? We have none

To upper-caste our lives we owe

Slaves to serve all their wish.


Poverty and hunger

Is all I ever knew

If there is hope

Tell me how?


What is my future?

Do I have any?

It all looks so dark

And I wish I was not born

(No Longer a Slumdog, K. P. Yohannan, gfa books, ©2011)

There are eleven million abandoned children in India between the ages of 4 and 11 years old. Ninety percent of these, or 9.9 million, are little girls. These abandoned Indian children = the population of the state of Ohio.

Now, of the 9.9 million abandoned girls, 1.5 million will end up in the sex trade, where half of them will be dead before they are fifteen years old.

Using Ohio as our comp, the 1.5 million girls = the combined populations of Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

The above numbers are overwhelming for an ordinary Joe like me. My financial offerings and prayers are mere drops in an Ocean of need for India. But what can I do?

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” (Mother Teresa)

Who knows? Maybe my little drop will cause others to add their drops. Then, maybe we’ll have a teaspoon. Or a cup. Or a quart. Maybe even more.

But it all begins with a drop.

If you’re interested, check out Gospel for Asia and their Bridge of Hope program. 100% of your offerings go to help the children.


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