Yipes! Moving Again!

Someday, I’m going to write a book titled Jesus Wouldn’t Do That, Would He?

The story-line would help to destroy the many myths we Christians have about our Lord. You know, Jesus always loves peace and hates all wars; Jesus loves stability and hates upheaval; Jesus does not butt into privates lives and mess them up; Jesus promotes successful people and ignores failures (like me); Jesus is big on comforts and benefits for those he is training to be His leaders. And the list goes on and on.

Honey and I have moved again. This is the twenty-eighth time we have pulled up stakes and moved  to a new address in our twelve years of marriage. Fifteen different cities (some more than once) and nine different states. If you do the math, you will understand why we don’t plant flowers or trees in the backyard. What’s the use, right?

But this time? This could be it. Maybe, we have arrived at our final destination. What’s the name of our new community? Harveston. That’s right, as in the-Harvest-is-on.


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5 responses to “Yipes! Moving Again!

  1. Yeah, but …. isn’t any place in California still ……. California? How is that moving?

  2. Larry Who

    Though you would think that our dishes, books and furniture would just jump into boxes and then into the truck upon our commands – they don’t.

    So, whether we move one mile or fifty miles inside the borders of California, it has been back-breaking work. As in yuck, yuck, double-yuck!

    Plus, Honey is a woman. Nothing can ever be thrown away. You just might need it someday. Or what about the children, maybe they will need it. Or grandchildren. Or maybe a neighbor.
    Who knows? And anyway what’s an extra box or two?

  3. wow. completely different take on moving. We are in the process of moving right now… and I’m purging like crazy! Got rid of about 1/2 what I owned!

  4. Yeah, I did too. Since moving here, I cleaned out things and things for a church sponsored rummage sale. History repeats itself at least weekly when I ask “what happened to….” or “I sure could use that now” or “what was I thinking?” So I empathize with Honey Who and wish I had a few things back even though I’d wonder where to put it. Some days it’s a curse to be a pack rat, other days it’s a blessing.

  5. Larry Who

    Honey asked this morning, “What ever happened to …?”

    Like a sly fox, I said, “Didn’t we just – ” My voice trailed off into a non-answer, hoping the conversation would end without me being forced to confess my transgression.

    Honey, knowing me all too well, said, “Explain to me what you just said, okay?”

    I looked like a deer caught in an auto’s headlights. So I confessed that I threw it out.

    “Why?” she said.

    “We haven’t used it for over a year.”

    “Sometimes,” she said, “I don’t understand your thinking.” She shook her head and walked away.

    Okay, I thought, I got caught on that one, but she doesn’t know about the other stuff that I tossed out. At least – not yet!

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