San Francisco Homosexuals: Lost, But About To Be Found

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
Was blind, but now I see.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger knows it. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer know it. Mayor Gavin Newsom knows it. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals’ justices know it. Every state and city politician knows it. Christians know it. Even – homosexuals know it.

Homosexuality is an abominable sin. Period.

You can rewrite the laws. You can bring on the lawyers. You can bring on the National Guard. You can change the textbooks. You can hold a gun to every person’s head in the state. But no matter what you do, homosexuality is a sin.

Now, here’s some good news.

The Lord is going to defend Himself against San Francisco’s condemnation of His teachings.  Don’t worry! He will not need an army of lawyers. Nor favorable justices on the California Supreme Court.  Nor an expensive public relations’ campaign. Nor a ballot initiative from California’s voters. Nor anyone’s help at all. After all, He is the Judge and Counselor.

What is the Lord going to do?

He will send a few good men. Each will be an army of one, invading the city with a gospel of deliverance to set the captives free. They will be more than enough to handle the Spirit of Depravity which has ruled this city up until now.

So, San Francisco – get ready!


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2 responses to “San Francisco Homosexuals: Lost, But About To Be Found

  1. My nephew, a tortured soul from the time he was four, died of aids in San Francisco about 14 years ago. The torture at the hands of his siblings with whom he could not relate is linked to the eventual death. That said, I want to clarify a small issue of semantics.

    Homosexuality is a condition (chemical glitch, stupid mother mistakes, and/or recruitment) from which God can deliver. Homosexual activity is the sin. There is hope for the person.

    Heterosexuality is a created condition which is to be contained in God’s intended structure. Those who are call it normal, and rightly so in my humble opinion. Heterosexual activity outside the boundaries set in God’s Holy Word is sin.

    Therefore, if a homosexual is saved and abstains, is seeking healing from his condition, I cut him a lot of slack, the same as a heterosexual who is saved and abstains from sinful sexual activity. He too may be seeking strength to resist pornography or street women.

    Bottom line: Being something, whether it is psychological or physically endowed, is not reason for condemnation.

    I think that’s where a lot of the Body fails. We expect miraculous conversion if we allow gays to convert at all. We don’t give them the same margin of time and error to get their holy feet under them. And what are our examples we set when it comes to our heterosexual failures? We are more tolerant of our failures because we were giving in to normal urges rather than abnormal.

    It’s a tricky conversation when we witness to gays. We can’t, and I’m not implying you do, continue to condemn who they believe themselves to be.

    Pull the fish into the boat before you take the hook out and let the Fisherman deal with him.

  2. Larry Who

    I certainly agree with you.

    My philosophy on witnessing to gays (or anyone) is much like John Wimber wrote about in one of his books, “Power Evangelism”. I believe in using the gifts to reveal Jesus to them. Sometimes it’s healing. Sometimes, it’s a word of knowledge or word of wisdom. Sometimes, it’s prayer.

    I’m not there to beat up gays; I’m there to win them into the kingdom. Once, they are converted; it’s still not my job to clean them up. They stand before Jesus – not me.

    Now, how this comes about, that’s up to the Lord, not me.

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