Is God Judging America’s Newspapers?

From 1950 to 2000, advertising revenue for America’s newspapers had a consistent growth pattern year after year. Then something happened, which changed the whole economic model for newspapers. What was it?

Was it the growth of the internet? Yes, in small part; but this excuse becomes lame when you consider that newspapers could have reaped financial profits by jumping on the internet bandwagon early on. What stopped them from doing so?

Was it the souring of the economy? Yes, in small part; but hey, it was the newspapers who told us day after day after day the economy was bad. Don’t they believe their own words? Why didn’t they make cut-backs?

If it wasn the internet or the economy which has sealed the doom of the newspaper industry, especially the LA Times, Chicago Tribune and the New York Times, then what was it?

The election of George W. Bush as president of the United States. This man was the most lied about, most lambasted and most hated president by the newspaper industry – as a whole – in the history of the United States. The ink on each paper dripped with venom, nothing was too outrageous to print about Bush.

And at the same time, President Bush was the most vocal Christian proponent in the history of the White House. A man whose faith was always apparent for all to see.

So, is God judging America’s newspapers? Of course, He is. He’s a Father who loves His son, George, and knows how to avenge the wrongs done to this man.

Saying, “Do not touch My annointed ones…” (Psalm 105:15)

Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. (Romans 12:19)



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6 responses to “Is God Judging America’s Newspapers?

  1. Adertising came from merchandise…
    Which had to be manufactured…
    Which suffered due to manufacturing shortages…
    Which was spurred by a struggling economy…
    Which was prompted partly by oil prices…
    Which in turn was caused by a war…
    Which caused every segment of industry to slow down…

    It’s a long cycle of many components that contributed to advertising losses.

    Newspapers should be the least of our concerns right now, as a large number of Americans lost their lives not too long ago. First by an act of man in 2001 (I presume He allowed it to happen), then by act of God in 2005.

    So God doesn’t seem to be too discerning about who He punishes.

  2. Larry Who


    “Newspapers should be the least of our concerns right now..”

    That may be true enough for you, but if you are one of the thousands of people who are losing their jobs right now, then it would not be true.

    “So God doesn’t seem to be too discerning about who He punishes.”

    God is very discerning. That’s why the newspapers are eating dirt right now.

  3. Larry, I sincerely hope you don’t take offense…

    But newspapers are among a large portion of our society that suffered and, in some cases, is suffering. Some to a far greater degree than others.

    What of the citizens of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida who have been, and some still are, ardent supporters of the former president?

    What of the manufacturing industry whose jobs are dwindling to nothing, which your post is indirectly referring to, that had shown the president nothing but support since 2001?

    Hence my comment about discernment.
    It isn’t just the newspapers that are “eating dirt” now or have “eaten dirt” in the past 8 years.

    Cherry picking one faction doesn’t make a case… was my point.

  4. I suppose I agree that the media has printed some awful things about Bush, but at the same time I can’t accept the idea that the Internet only had a “small part” in the decline of printed news. I would argue that the advent of the Internet (with online news sites, and certainly with blogs and subscription formats like RSS) has had a profound impact on printed newspapers. In fact, services like Twitter are quickly taking more control, as well. I guess I’d be careful in making such sweeping claims about God’s judgment, although it would probably be appropriate in this case (which is to say that the newspaper organizations — just like you and I — have done some wrongs).

  5. Larry Who


    “Cherry picking one faction doesn’t make a case… was my point”

    I did not cherry pick. The newspapers were the ardent enemies of George Bush. Period. Thus, they are the ones the Lord would avenge Himself against.

    Newspapers survived the Depression, as in “Buddy, can you spare me a dime?” They survived countless other recessions, but now, these so-called bastions of truth are “belly-up in the water.”

    The newspapers laughed at Bush, but now, the Lord is laughing at them.

  6. Larry Who


    “I guess I’d be careful in making such sweeping claims about God’s judgment…”

    If the Lord does not judge the newspapers for how they treated President Bush, then His word has very little truth in it. Over and over again, the Lord states that He will avenge His children.

    Shouldn’t believers expect Him to do that?

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