Swimming Upstream: “God Doesn’t Do That Anymore.”

“Will God show up at this service?” I whispered to my girlfriend, sitting next to me on the hard wooden pew. Somehow, she had convinced me that I should go with her to church before taking in a movie.

She turned to me and rolled her eyes. “God doesn’t do that anymore,” she whispered. Then, she turned toward the front as the organ began playing an opening hymn.

This experience happened forty years ago during my senior year at college. The young woman has long since moved on with her life, but her words still linger in my ears.

At the time, I was a proud, mouthy agnostic.  And she was  a church goer who practiced her faith to the best of her knowledge. Water baptism. First Communion. Confirmation. Church attendance. And so on and so on.

Sadly,  I’ve heard hundreds of so-called Bible believing Christians uttering the exact same words over the years since my salvation in 1985. But of course, we Christians add a different twist in that we believe God could do it if He wanted to, but we believe that He doesn’t want to. Thus, “God doesn’t do that anymore.”

So, will God make the sun stand still in the sky just because a man asked Him to do it?  “God doesn’t do that anymore.” (Joshua 10)

Will God raise a dead man that has been in the tomb for four days? “God doesn’t do that anymore.” (John 11)

Do signs, such as casting out demons, speaking in tongues and healing the sick, still follow those who believe in Jesus? “God doesn’t do that anymore.” Mark 16)

Will God kill believers who disobey Him? “God doesn’t do that anymore.” (Acts 5)

Is it possible that our generation is the one that Jesus was referring to in Luke 18:8 when He said:

…Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?

If we are, in fact, that generation, we are in for some bad times!


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