A One-Word Description of Mom: Feisty

Dad and mom

Mom was in a hurry to get home. Potatoes had to be peeled and the roast removed from the oven. No one was in sight; so she stepped on the gas.

Whrr! Whrr! A siren pierced through the stillness of the autumn evening.

Oh no! she thought. I’m in trouble. Freddy’s caught me! Now what?

She pulled the blue Pontiac over to the curb. A black police car pulled up behind her with its red light flashing. A man, resembling Broderick Crawford, stepped out of the car, adjusting his gun and holster as he walked toward her. She rolled down her window.

“So, Mrs. Nevenhoven, we meet again?” said officer Freddie Cannon. A smirk cutting across his lips.

“Yes, Freddie, we do,” replied Mom in a deadpan tone.

“Well, you were doing forty-five miles per hour  in a thirty mile per hour speed zone. I’ll have to ticket you,” he said.

Mom shrugged. “Okay! But I’m not paying it.”

“What?” he said. “It’ll only be thirty dollars!”

“I don’t care,” she replied with a set jaw. “I’m not paying it.”

He laughed. “Then, it’ll be thirty days in jail. How’d you like that?”

“Well, you’d better lock me up now! Because I’m not paying the fine.”

He stared into her eyes for a moment or so. Then, he shook his head. “No way am I going to put up with you for thirty days. Go!” He spun around and went back to the police car. Mom resumed her journey home.

This is a true story.

Now, Mom would probably not choose the word feisty as a one-word description of herself. She’d rather have a more feminine adjective, but guess what?

Her husband, her two children, her five grandchildren, her many great-grandchildren and, at least, one police officer would agree with the one-word description.

Mom is feisty. Period.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You’re the best!


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7 responses to “A One-Word Description of Mom: Feisty

  1. lsbmusings

    Great, great story! Do I see a family resemblance? I think so – in a feisty good way!

  2. Isbmusings,

    It’s funny that you have said that because much of my inner toughness (if it can be labeled as such) has come from my Mom. Not that my Dad is weak, he is not in the least bit. It’s just that Mom has an “in-your-face” feisty style.

    Just in case, someone takes this story out of the context I meant it to be written in. Mom is a loving, caring, giving, understanding, intelligent woman with a pioneer-like spirit.

  3. lsbmusings

    Feisty – and all the other good fruit of the Spirit stuff, too. Sounds like she’s a great lady to celebrate!

  4. “Freddy’s caught me!” How big was your town? That is so funny. Fun story. Give your mom a hug from us.

  5. seriouswhimsey,

    Very good insight into small towns. The population of my hometown when I lived there was 1,150 people. Now, it’s almost 1,500.

  6. That is a funny story.

    I am sure her looks also had something to do with the policeman changing his mind and letting her go. From that picture, it seems she was quite a looker.

    Have a blessed day!


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