Swimming Upstream: “Do You Pray For President Obama?”

obama8The Apostle Paul wrote his letter, 1 Timothy,  in 63 AD. At the time, Nero had been the Roman Emperor for nine years; and yet, as blood thirsty and horrible as Nero was to the Christians, Paul penned the following:

I urge you first of all to pray for all people. As you make your requests, plead for God’s mercy on them, and give thanks. Pray this way for kings and all others who are in authority, so that we can live in peace and quietness, in godliness and dignity.  This is good and pleases God our Savior, for He wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth. (1 Timothy 2: 1-4 NLT)

So, are you praying for mercy and giving thanks for President Barack Obama? Or is President Obama the exception to this scripture’s directives because of his stance on abortion, gay rights, Obamacare and so forth?

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11 responses to “Swimming Upstream: “Do You Pray For President Obama?”

  1. Good call. I am not an Obama supporter yet I do feel compelled to pray for him still. He is the President of our nation and with that deserves the respect due the office. He claims to be a Christian, although his actions and policies contradict that statement. We must always be diligent to follow the lead set by the Bible. Pray for God to lead Obama, and then have the faith to let God lead.

  2. Dale

    I am not happy Obama is president nor am I thankful that he is the president. I would rather see somebody who fears God and is more like Josiah. I pray for him, but not regularly like i should. I guess I am caught in my own struggles, which i hate. My prayer is first and foremost that Obama gets saved. If he gets saved the rest will follow.

  3. Do we pray for Obama just because he is our President? So do we only pray for people that affect our lives directly? What then of our motives? Would they be considered Righteous? Do we ever pray for people we think are ‘good’ in life and appear to be just fine? These are what I wonder…. How long are we supposed to pray in a day?

  4. President Barack Obama is the man occupying the White House. So, I pray for him.

    It’s my opinion that we take our opinions and lay them down when we pray for those in authority. Obama needs protection, needs to be blessed by the Lord, needs wisdom and understanding and of course, he needs Jesus.

    Does that mean I have to agree with his views? No, of course not. But it does mean I should pray for him with fervor and passion. After all, we Christians need to live in peace and quietness for as long as we can.

  5. The Anglican Church has a prayer in its services for the nation’s leaders, which the priest recites. So, in England, the prayer is for Queen Elizabeth, and in the US it is for the President.

    We should be praying that God guides our leaders. For some, that will be a continuation of His guidance. For others, it may mean a Damascene conversion. 😉

  6. churchmouse,

    Thanks for your comment.

    One of the prayers I pray for most governemental leaders like President Obama or Nancy Pelosi is:

    “Lord, I pray that Your divine plans and redemptive purposes are fulfilled by his (or her) actions and with his (or her) words for our nation.”

    Because who know? Maybe President Obama is a man raised up by God like Pharaoh was (Romans 9:17). If that’s the case, then Obama is a tool, much like dynamite, to change America so that the Church can be what the Lord envisions it to be.

  7. I like peace and all, and by all means think we should all pray in how we’re lead, but I gotta say it, Larry, you know me too well, isn’t it our perrogative to find peace in adversity? Isn’t it there we come closest to God?
    I love to lift people in prayer, but I like to think it is out of love for them and God that I do it, not for what I might receive as a byproduct.

    Case in point… I prayed for my husband for years (for success in his career) because we as a family needed it. Then something change in me, I began to pray for my husband and success in general, because HE needed it. That was when things began to move.
    An act of God? who knows, my husband does work very hard, but the timing was right.

    I won’t bore you with more stories, but I am certain God wants us to keep it real, and seems to know when we’re not. Pray for the President? Sure! If we are praying for him and not for us.

  8. Cindy,

    Good points.

    My general prayers for government leaders has changed over the years to basically praying for God’s divine plans and redemptive purposes to be fulfilled from their elected positions.

    I can obviously see that certain political stances are anti-Christian, but I no longer assume that God is into my time schedule nor my purposes. He has His own reasons for raising some people up and putting others down.

    As with your husband, there was a season and a time to raise him up.

  9. I do pray for President Obama, although I didn’t vote for him and am a bit disturbed by some of his policies. Mostly I pray that He will respect and fear the Lord, and that if he doesn’t (and only God knows his true heart aside from all the politics) that God would use him nonetheles to accomplish His will for our country.

    I pray that God will place people in his life to give him sound biblical counsel, and that he will not have internal emotional/spiritual peace if he doesn’t consider this God-placed counsel. This sounds harsh to pray this way but seems to be scriptural. Thoughts welcome.

  10. anna,

    Great prayers. I especially like the “not have internal emotional/spiritual peace if he doesn’t consider this God-placed counsel.”

  11. I think this issue of praying for our President is something the Lord has been trying to get at in the American Church for years. For example, I see this as having been an issue as far back as when Clinton was in office. I heard so many Christians bashing him instead of praying for him. Then when Bush was elected, many Christians saw him as the answer. When Obama was elected, the other group of Christians saw him as the answer. I hope by now we’re getting it that a man is not the answer, and that God is looking for people to obey Him. Part of obeying is, as you wrote, quoting Scripture, to pray for our President. It doesn’t say…”if you agree with him” or “if you feel like it.” A healthy fear of the Lord is a great reason to pray for our leaders. And I agree with your suggested ways of praying for them, too, Larry.

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