Swimming Upstream: “Will Christians Ever Unite To Change America’s Ways?”

flagIn today’s edition of World Net Daily, the main article is entitled, “Why Can’t Christians Unite to Change America’s Ways?”

The article is based on findings from a new study conducted by the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics in partnership with Public Religion Research. The study was a survey of 3,000 political activists who associated themselves with the religious right and the religious left.

It’s an eye-opening and discouraging article, one that will cause you to wonder if the Body of Christ will ever walk in unity again.

Whether you take the time to read the article or not, what do you think? Will Christians ever unite to change America’s ways?

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12 responses to “Swimming Upstream: “Will Christians Ever Unite To Change America’s Ways?”

  1. Not as long as there’s a spirit of division in authority. I’m right, you’re wrong. From the time of the earliest church there has been division, and I believe this will continue and get worse. Not the most promising picture here, but praise God we’ll be united in His heavenly kingdom someday!

  2. I meant to put quotation marks around “I’m right, you’re wrong.” Please don’t be offended. 🙂

  3. Like the Hebrews in Goshen when Moses first came back, we aren’t uncomfortable enough yet to think we need to fix anything or want to leave. We need a few good old fashioned plagues, physical and spiritual.

  4. anna and jane,

    I agree with both of you.

    Sadly, we Christians (including me as one of the chief instigators) have looked at other Christians, not necessarily as our brothers and sisters, but as people we are for or against because of political views.

    The church has to be radically changed so that we really love each and everyone of us, and I do not think this will be easy or painless.

  5. anna,

    Thanks for your insight, concerning “I’m right and you’re wrong.”

    Because upon reflection, your answer hits the nail on the head. This is true from a political-religious point of view – conservatives versus progressives – and it’s also true from every theological point of view in each branch of the church.

    It’s the inner scream from the whole church system: “I’m right and you’re wrong.”

    Now, the question is: how will this be changed? Death is the only answer, as in “dying daily.”

    And how will this death come about? It will only come about when we are suffering through weaknesses, insults, distresses, persecutions and difficulties. Then, His grace will be sufficient.

  6. Rather than repeat it all here, please see my blog post: Sibling Rivalry – Dec. 10, 2008 where I touch on this very topic. I think we Christians greatly underestimate just how serious God sees our bickering.

  7. First, we are family… we all have a crazy brother out somewhere… since we ARE the crazy brothers here… I feel safe saying


    we will unite. the world will change. WE will change. peace will prevail.

  8. cindy,

    Crazy brothers, huh? I like that.

  9. me too… said lovingly!!

  10. Hi Larry —

    Division and separation go back even farther than the early church. That is the very root of humanity’s affliction: separation from God through sin. Sin separates us from ourselves, too — from wholeness within our own person. And from others, and wholeness in our relationships. Put all of that together in one body of believers, one physical church, and it’s a mess. Then in a nation.

    You wrote: “The church has to be radically changed so that we really love each and everyone of us, and I do not think this will be easy or painless.”

    How true this is — because “I’m right and you’re wrong” gives us pride. Pride separates, and healing this involves much personal pain. All of this happens within our own self regularly. In my heart and in yours. To achieve wholeness (unity) as a Christian nation?

    Impossible. Because we can’t achieve wholeness, not really, not here.

  11. Anna,

    You comment about “I’m right and you’re wrong” is one of the best revelations that I’ve ever read. This particular sin may well be the undoing of our present church system.

    Sad, isn’t it?

    But this is exactly how civil wars start, and there are many – besides me – who see a Christian Civil War heading our way. And all civil wars are fought over one reason: government. Each has a governmental point of view which they are willing to fight for.

    And yet, out of all the probable upcoming messes, Christ will raise up a church which will bring Him glory.

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