Swimming Upstream: “Can Old Dogs Like Me Learn New Tricks?”

dogMy biggest struggles over the last ten years have been the unlearning and relearning processes I have gone through since Honey and I left the traditional church system.

Now, if you know me (or if you read my stuff on FaceBook), you’d understand that I’m not the type who changes easily. I stubbornly hold onto old things and am not quick to try new ones.

And you’d think that I would be the last person in the whole world the Lord would try to change, especially considering I’m 63 years old, right?

But my quirky wrinkles have not bothered the Lord in the least. He just used His special steam-iron to press everything out of my life. And to be honest, it’s a  very, very hot steam-iron.

So, starting next Monday, I will disclose the changes and the processes I have walked through and undergone since hearing the Holy Spirit say, “Too much pastoring in the church.”

The reason I’m doing this is that I feel Christianity is in the time period when the prophetic words spoken to Mike Bickle in 1982 will be fulfilled. The words were:

“I [the Lord] will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in one generation.”

If you are interested, stop back on Monday.

Swimming Upstream appears at this blog site on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s  a little of this and a little of that, all written  to encourage and exhort believers in their Christian journeys.


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3 responses to “Swimming Upstream: “Can Old Dogs Like Me Learn New Tricks?”

  1. do you realize how far monday is away?

  2. i like that mike bickle quote…
    what changes have you seen so far?

  3. fireball3316,

    Mike Bickle is one of my favorite teachers. Not only are his teachings excellent, but he is a likable man.

    Funny that you asked about what changes I foresee because this morning, this deep revelation dawned on me: “It’s going to take a long time to prepare and change us Christians. A long, long time.”

    People like you will finish what people like me may help start. And consider this: your children will help finish off the apostolic works needed to prepare the Bride.

    It’s going to take a long time.

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