Book Review: “Finding God”


Have you ever bought a book without thinking much about the reasons for doing so? And then, when you began reading it, you are thrilled with your purchase?

Finding God In The Storms of Life by Mike Jones is such a book for me.

In the INTRODUCTION of the book, Jones uses a special occasion card to state the underlying theme for his book. He describes the front of the card as showing two doors, one at each end of the hallway. The opening line reads, “When God closes one door, He always opens another.” But the tagline inside the card is the real reason why it is still on display in Mike’s home. It reads: “But it’s hell in the hallway.”

Throughout the book, the author uses the hallway analogy as a descriptive term for surviving the storms of life, especially during times of transition and change.

The book is written in a devotional format which offers hope via scriptures, prose and poetry to those of us who are in the midst of our own transitions and storms.  Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite poems, The Lure of Good Things:

It’s not just the bad that keeps us from God,

good will work too, and it’s more common than odd.

Good is so plentiful in these days that we live.

We have toys and church and tithes we give.

We think ourselves rich; that we don’t need a thing.

We’ve been lured into things, being our aim.

I’ll admit you have good, but it’s cost you My best.

Do you have an ear to hear the rest? (Finding God, page 21)

I really liked the book and look forward to reading more from Mike.

Finding God In The Storms of Life

Authored by Mike Jones; Published by Xlibris.

Trade Paperback; 107 pages.

You can check Mike out at his blog or read more about his book. To order a copy or if you have questions, send an email to:

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