“My Journey Out” (Part 2)


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If you have read my two series, It’s Your Decision…Run or Fight! and Sifting Through The Ashes of A Spiritual Defeat, then you know that 1994 was not one of those years Frank Sinatra sang about in his hit song. It was not a very good year; it was an absolutely, miserable one for me.

And 1995 was not much better.

By early summer, I was just looking for a back pew in a church where I could hang out, keep quiet, and hopefully, put myself back together again. My life and calling were a mess.

A church, thirty miles away, seemed to be the answer to my prayers. The pastor was a man with a shepherd’s heart. Its congregation was around seventy or eighty members in size, and fun to be around. The worship music was awesome. And the meetings were informally held in a school gymnasium.

It seemed the perfect fit for me.

Though giving prophetic words was not what I hoped to be doing, I knew the Lord used me on good days and bad days as a prophetic voice. So, to be safe, I went up to the pastor after the first service. “Do you have any rules about giving prophetic words at your church?” I asked.

He smiled and shook his head. “No, we don’t,” he said. “We encourage people to give prophetic words.”

Over the following four weeks, I broke every rule he said that he did not have. Each Sunday, he was upset with me about something.

“You said there were no rules,” I whispered in exasperation one time.

“That was before I knew you,” he exclaimed. “And I’ve never met anyone like you in my thirty years of ministry.”

Finally, we met for lunch, hoping to settle our differences. It’s not that we didn’t like each other or anything like that. It’s just that he was comfortable with prophetic BB guns and I was an AK-47 assault rifle. We were miles apart in our prophetic thinking.

“Listen,” he said toward the end of our conversation, “why don’t you just submit yourself under my ministry. Then, when the Lord tells me to release you into full-time prophetic ministry, I will let you know. All of the doors of our denomination will then be open to you.”

“What if you don’t hear the Lord’s voice for my calling and life?” I asked.

He blinked. “I had not thought about that,” he replied. His eyes looking down.

The meeting ended with us giving each other hugs and going our separate ways.

The next day, I received a letter in the mail from a member of the church who was not even aware of my meeting with the pastor. She wrote that I was rebellious and needed to submit myself under pastoral authority. And if I failed to follow her so-called godly counsel, she felt my prophetic calling would never come forth. As in never, ever!

I was upset and did what Hezekiah did when he received a letter from an enemy of Israel (2 Kings 19:14). I walked around, reading the letter to the Lord.

“Lord, she says I’m rebellious and that I need to submit under pastoral authority. I don’t even understand pastoral authority, what is it?” I went on and on until finally I had finished.

Then I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Too much pastoring in the church.”

(Continued in Part 3)

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12 responses to ““My Journey Out” (Part 2)

  1. Larry, you could be describing me, in every church I have been in over the last thirty five years.

    Its interesting that the bible says, -God gave to the church apostles prophets evangelists pastors and teachers, yet we always find it is the pastor who rules the church, over and above all else. (Even if he uses some other title.)

    Whether he is a teaching type or an organising type, the one thing about both those skills is that they can be done whether the Spirit, or just the pastor as a mere man is in charge. The pastor just needs his human authority, his badge, his good management skills or his divinity degree to keep the show running, and the congregation is so used to leaving it to him that they rarely know the difference. They want him to do it for them, to keep them all safe and in order.

    Even when present, the Spirit is almost always subject, in the manner you describe, to the whim of the man at the front. If the pastor does not have a prophet’s anointing then he is unlikely to let a prophet off leash, because he fears the loss of his personal position and that the congregation will, for a brief moment, actually experience the mind of the Lord for that day, rather than regurgitated sermons from previous years, and skilled theatre presentations. Any prophetic word is only permitted if it matches the non prophetic leader’s low level perspective of where he allows the church to go. This is why so many churches rejoice in what anyone wise person can see are shallow prophetics, designed to boost the leaders visions.

    The “authority” of man will always seek to destroy anointing, which is why the church hierarchy model is so antichrist.

    “HIERARCHY FROM MAN” is just an alternative to “ANOINTING FROM GOD”, which is what the “anti” in antichrist means. Either of them can lead God’s people. One is from the tree of life, the other from the tree of knowledge etc.

    King Saul, a man with ALL AUTHORITY ( ie. a throne and an army), BUT NO ANOINTING (ie. no longer with the spirit of God) hunts David to kill him. He ends up consulting a witch!

    David a man with ALL ANOINTING, (ie the Spirit of God), BUT NO AUTHORITY, (ie. no army) lives as a fugitive amongst what God had originally called a kingdom of priests.

    The first thing which Saul does is to slaughter all the priests of God at the tabernacle where David had run to. He then turns the country upside down for years.

    This should be a warning to those who say of the church that what is needed is “strong leadership”, ie. “Give us a king”. That self same “king” you desire has always sought to assert his power to overrule the Spirit of God.

    Israel’s demand for a king to rule over them was a blatant act of rebellion against God’s reign, and it caused untold grief to Israel from that time on.
    The flesh will always lust against the Spirit”

    God’s real church is built on anointing, not authority. Anointing doesn’t need muscles, it needs men and women to stand in the gap and speak out what the Spirit is saying.

    Removing man’s muscle from the church, “visibly” weakens it, but the Spirit of God is then free to “invisibly” makes it the power and bride it was originally called to be.

  2. Frank,

    As usual, I enjoy your insight.

    What makes me somewhat unusual is that I hungered to fit in somewhere, anywhere, and it didn’t really matter to me. I just wanted to fit in! But I never did.

    In fact, one of my prayers is to be properly fitted into the Body of Christ…and I could care less where this takes place. In a building. A park. A restaurant. A business. A home.

    So, this series is about my journey out of the traditional church system, mistakes and all.

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