Lord, Why Not Call Bill Instead of Me? (Part 10)

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Though I left the small church, I was still not set free from prophetic bondage . Every knock on the door and every ring of the phone sent waves of panic through me. What if the two pastors were there? What if they prayed for me again?

I preached and prophesied a message of boldness at the home church but lived a secret life encumbered by fear. My prayer times were filled with cries to the Lord for deliverance.

And yet, day after day, I continued to struggle. Where was Jesus, my Deliverer?

If somehow I could have talked with the top leaders in the Body of Christ, maybe a consensus answer could have been reached for me. But what would it have been?

Probably something like this: “Larry, you just need to pray more, fast more and study the Bible more.”

But to be honest, I’ve met very few individuals who prayed, fasted and studied the Bible more than I did during this time period. I slept, worked, prayed, fasted and studied. This was the sum total of my life. Period.

So, more was not my answer.

The Church needs a total change in perspective to operate in the supernatural. We cannot indulge in the laws of reason and logic and expect to fight off the demonic…I believe that God is reasonable, except when He chooses not to be. Then, we need revelation… (Graham Cooke in Permission Granted, pp. 158)

This time, my deliverance was a two stage process.

First, a prophetess came to the home church and taught on fear. As I listened, nothing really stirred within me. Her message was one I’d heard dozens of times before. At the end of her teaching, she asked if anyone needed prayer to be delivered from fear.

Two or three people went forward, but I didn’t give it much thought for myself. Then, when the prophetess finished praying for the people, she said, “I really feel someone else needs to come up her for prayer right now!”

Bingo! Her words lit up something within me. I went forward, she prayed for me and I was set free from the prophetic bondage which had caused me such agonizing fear.

Now,  this in itself was like having a boulder rolled away from my cave’s door. No longer did fear strike me when the phone rang or someone knocked on my door. I was set free.

The second stage of my deliverance involves a revelation. One which will help keep me free from prophetic bondage until I finally meet my Lord.

(C0ntinued in Part 11.)


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3 responses to “Lord, Why Not Call Bill Instead of Me? (Part 10)

  1. was a little behind, caught up now… keep writing… waiting to hear the end!

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