Lord, Why Not Call Bill Instead of Me? (Conclusion)

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Have you ever been someplace that seemed to fit you to a tee? Maybe it didn’t have a  five-star rating, but you didn’t care because it felt good just being there.

Well, that’s the way I felt about the little home church I attended after leaving the prison with a steeple on the roof.

The husband and wife leaders, Marion and Morris, were loving people who cared about others. They had no ambitious agenda outside of evangelizing their working class neighborhood and advancing the kingdom of God.

The main emphasis  for the home church was reaching neighborhood children and teens; many of whom had learning disabilities with IQ’s at the  five and six year-old level.

Looking back, I can still remember the first night I attended the home church. It was a Thursday evening Halloween party of sorts with treats and drinks. But two memorable things occurred on that evening.

First, a thirteen year-old girl asked for prayer. Why she did, I don’t remember anymore, but she was new to the group. Four of the learning disability kids (fifteen to nineteen years of age) gathered around her and prayed.

And to be honest, they were the absolute worst prayers I have ever heard. One said, “Do this.” Another said, “Do that.” A third said, “Try this.” And a fourth said, “Try that.”

Listening to them, my head almost spun around in circles. But guess what? The girl was set free of her problems, and then she gave her life to the Lord.

Secondly, a seven year old boy walked up to Marion. “I feel terrible,” he said.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, touching his head.

“I feel icky,” he replied.

In the next instant, she explained the good news about Jesus. He wept and nodded his head. They bowed on their knees together and he gave his life to the Lord. He was so excited about his Savior!

Unusual events? Not really. This happened every week I was there and had been going on for fifteen or twenty years before I arrived. Many of the same children’s parents had given their lives to Jesus in that same home church.

Now, not all of the neighbors totally approved of Marion and Morris’ brand of evangelistic Christianity. But each knew if they had problems, the couple would stop by with food, money and prayers, asking nothing in return.

But most of all, what I received from this home church was a revelation of God’s grace. A revelation so deep that it has carried me through every trial and problem since that time.

I would like to ask you to pause and think of the most horrible day you ever lived. The day when you did something you deeply regret. You can take comfort in this one fact: Your heavenly Father saw that day when He chose You in His Son before time…If that’s not good news, I don’t know what is. (From Eternity To Here, 2009, Frank Viola, pp. 71)

If somehow, I could impart a deep revelation of grace into every believer, I would. It’s that great. If you don’t have it, get it.

And guess what? A deep revelation of God’s grace is the only way  to stay free of prophetic bondage.  The two cannot coexist together because where grace is totally understood, legalism can not squeeze in.

I will have more on prophetic bondage (caused by words, prayers and prophecies by people in authority)  sometime in the future. This is a major problem for the Church, especially after the so-called Prophetic Move of God.

(Conclusion. Friday starts a new series.)


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8 responses to “Lord, Why Not Call Bill Instead of Me? (Conclusion)

  1. altonwoods

    What a blessing it was for me to find your blog this morning! The Holy Spirit is always looking to fill willing,surrendered vessels to be about the Fathers bussiness! Thank You and God Bless You in this season of hope!

  2. altonwoods,

    Thank you and God bless you.

  3. first, i stole the frank voila quote and facebooked it. LOVED IT! i remember the day when i realized that jesus died for my sins in the FUTURE – i had got that he had forgiven teh sins i had done before i was born again, but also those ones in the future i would do as a christian… grace grace grace!!!

    what a beautiful sounding place – are you still there?

  4. fireball3316,


    You bring up a good point. I should always put dates in these stories. I started attending the church in late 1992 and attended through the middle of 1993; then off and on for another three years.

    The only reason I left is that I moved away.

  5. good though that you had that as a good experience. i cant remember what you do now – are you in a church or a house church?

    me, i’m in what i call the best church in the world and love it, and i love our housegroup where we are like family and learn together and teach together and worship together and have had communion and stuff :o) like a mini church in a church :o)

  6. fireball3316,

    Honey and I have not been in a traditional church for ten years. We are now a part of the simple church (or home) church movement.

    I enjoy reading about your best housegroup in the world on FaceBook….and Five.

  7. Reading about the church mentioned here touched something deep. I believe we all long for such a place. I’m thinking they were able to respond with servant’s hearts because they had no personal ambition.

  8. Solveig,

    Great point. I agree.

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