Remember The Prisoners (Part 6)

I was now directly in front of the wall, and close enough to touch the packages if I wanted to. I didn’t; I couldn’t.

I was looking at a wall made up of dead babies, beautifully and lovingly wrapped in ceremonial fabrics. Given how many bundles there were, I had to be looking at hundreds and hundreds of bodies. My senses were frozen. Even my sense of smell, morbidly alert for any odor, detected nothing. This entire wall was frozen in time. And the wall was not yet fully formed. There would be more bundles, and new layers of grief. Grief for each new pair of parents who would bring their baby to the monks to be set aside [executed], grief for the priests who would carry out the devastating task, and the grief of the universe for having lost one of its children.

…We did have a brief conversation about Buddhism and reincarnation, but I was too emotionally spent to appreciate the finer points of their discourse. I felt far less respect for Buddhists than I previously had… (The Pink Pagoda: One Man’s Quest to End Gendercide in China by Jim Garrow, WND Books, 2012)

Since 1979, China has mandated a one-child policy for all married couples. Those couples who have more than one child face severe fines based on their incomes. Therefore, it is not economically feasible for couples to have a second child unless  they receive an exception from the government.

Now, this becomes a major problem for Chinese parents as they age. Their retirement depends on their children taking care of them, and sadly males are able to earn much more money than females. As you would expect, males are much more desired than females by almost every couple. Thus, a problem arises:

What does a married couple do when an unwanted female baby is born to them?

Although China has laws against infanticide, they are not enforced. So, many parents of newborn baby girls drown them in rivers, abandon them in forests, take them to Buddhist monks who execute them, or countless other cruel measures.

It is estimated that 32 million newborn babies have been set aside, or executed, just because they are females since 1979.

Jim Garrow, the author of the Pink Pagoda, has saved 40,000 baby girls and has spent over $30 million of his own money to undertake this project. He understands that he can’t save them all, but he believes he must at least do his part.

So, what can we do for these female baby prisoners who are locked in wombs and awaiting their executions? We can fast and pray.

“Daddy, we cry out to You, the Father of all mankind, that You would grant mercy and grace to married couples in China and that their hearts would be opened up to the love of the truth. And that Your truth would set these couples free from worry and fear for their futures. Daddy, we don’t know what else to do but tug on You and not let go until You move on their behalves.”


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8 responses to “Remember The Prisoners (Part 6)

  1. Larry, thank you for sharing this with us and leading us in prayer and fasting. I’m crying. I didn’t know about this. God bless you and your prayers for the prisoners.

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. When I wrote this, tears streamed down my face. Abortion is horrendous, but killing newborn babies is far beyond horrendous. And to think Buddhist priests are involved because of their reincarnation beliefs turns me off on Buddhism.

  3. I could hardly read this. I agree in prayer with you for God to rescue these babies from the heartless factions of government. I agree for their preservation in Godly arms and the love of Jesus to be with them as they grow. I rebuke this genocide of God’s little ones and command it to stop in the name of Jesus. Amen

  4. A sobering post, but thank you for reminding me to pray.

  5. Naphtali,

    Thanks for your prayerful words.

  6. Judy,

    Thanks. We all probably need to pray more…at least I do.

  7. Linda

    I can’t believe any parent could do that, for financial reasons or otherwise. And I hate to imagine how much worse things are going to get. Prayers for the unborn and the parents, as well.

  8. Linda,

    I agree with you. What a terrible mess the world is sinking into.

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