Are We Pawns or Knights?

As I wrote in my book, New Wind Blowing, many of America’s problems today stem from our many mistakes made during the Vietnam War era. Those mistakes continue to fester underneath America’s skin and must be lanced so the poison can be drained off. That surgery must occur before we can expect new life (spiritual or otherwise) to come forth in America.

Of course, most activists, professors, and liberals look back at that era through rose colored glasses and think fondly of students speaking truth to the powers which governed at the time. And to be honest, some of that was needed. Yet, do we know who funded  much of the anti-Vietnam War movement?

Stanislav Lunev, the highest ranking Russian GRU Intelligence officer to ever defect, wrote about how Russia spent more than a billion dollars to fund almost every anti-war group here and abroad. Lunev stated: “…it was a hugely successful campaign and well worth the cost.”

Mixed in with the Vietnam War’s happenings were the Civil Rights campaigns of the 1960’s. Those undertakings were also tainted by the Russian GRU and KGB. Both communist groups spent millions of dollars stirring up racial tensions in our nation. Bogus letters were sent from the Ku Klux Klan to black groups. Conspiracy theories were planted in the black media about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination being planned by the US government. And countless other successful efforts were carried out.

Deep Throat’s advice in All the President’s Men seems apropos for us today: “Just… follow the money.”

Now, let’s think about the racial tensions which have recently exploded over the slaying of young Trayvon Martin. Are we so naive to believe that civil rights activists, various groups, the media, politicians, and all the other trappings just sprang up out of nothing without any financial funding? And where did the funding come from?

And who benefits from racial tensions boiling over into conflict in our nation? Certainly, not our long suffering black American brothers and sisters who are struggling to survive in today’s economy nor do any other Americans.  So, if not blacks or other Americans, then who would benefit from racial turmoil in our nation?

America’s enemies, that’s who.

Maybe it’s Al Qaeda or Iranians or Chinese or Russians or a combination, I can’t exactly pinpoint which of our enemies are lighting the racial fires in our nation right now.

But I can tell you this: I have enough spiritual discernment to know something is fishy about all the racial tensions coming to the surface over the last few weeks.

And I pray the American church’s discernment system soon kicks in on the radar screen so eyes will be opened and more deaths will be prevented.

Otherwise, we will continue to be lowly pawns on Satan’s chess board, easily removed from the battle.


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10 responses to “Are We Pawns or Knights?

  1. You know Larry, not to sound like a “conspiracy theorist” but I do agree with you on this. There’s alot that I’m sure we don’t know. I pray every day for discernment to get me through the upcoming days and years. It’s going to take a keen, spiritual filled eye. Good post.

  2. chasingtheperfectmoment,

    Thanks. I appreciate your input.

  3. Have you read Roger’s post today, at Reality Revelations?
    Thanks, Larry, for using your discernment, for praying and for awakening us to look and seek beyond what appears on the surface, so that lives can be saved. God bless you for handling the heavy stuff.

  4. Debbie,

    Good insight. I did read Roger’s post while I was working on mine. The Holy Spirit knows how to confirm His words to me when I need them.

  5. Naphtali,

    Thanks. You should be writing stuff like this, too. It’s in you and needs to come forth for the Body’s sake.

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  7. If we are following the money then we need to look at the fact that in every conflict since at least the Spanish/American war the world bankers have funded both sides.
    Whether they chose to run those funds through their Communist puppets during the cold war or our CIA to disrupt some Third world nation somewhere in the 70’s. They run the show. The world would love to have a system that is fully under their control and if they can keep every one at each others throats…
    We are naive because we so easily allow ourselves to be drawn into conflict instead of conversation. We mistrust anyone who’s culture or skin or religion is different.
    I am not saying that there are not agendas within Islam etc but we could possibly slow things down if we would learn to talk. Most of us don’t even talk to strangers in the grocery store. We are so isolated and so distrustful. The media constantly bombaards us with images of fear.
    As believers we have no need to fear. We are the light of the world and He is the answer. Even as a Nation we could go back to being more of a light than a hammer. We used to be great negotiators now we just bomb babies.
    Reagan used strength to negotiate one of the best arms treaties ever-granted the USSR was near death anyway. We need to see things differently. Positively.

  8. Ephraiyim,

    Thanks for your input. As usual, your comments give us food for thought.

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