Jesus Has an iPod and Rocks to the Electric Light Orchestra

Don’t you hate off-the-wall titles for articles which serve only to titillate our minds into clicking onto the blog just to increase its readership? How vain! How pompous! Yet, it sometimes works…and you’re proof that it sometimes does.

But hang around, because there is some truth in the above title.

A few years ago, my wife suffered through some tough times. Her health and sales career took some direct hits by a couple of life’s torpedoes. She kept on marching straight ahead, like a good soldier, until that particular morning.

“I’m tired of my life because it’s never going to get better. So, I want to quit and give up,” she said with sad puppy dog eyes, ready to weep.

Usually, I can encourage my wife with a few scriptures or some of the prophetic promises for our lives. Yet on that particular day, whatever I said to her was like kindling wood and just increased her fire.

What did I do?

I prayed and asked the Lord to help me. He quietly answered and whispered to my heart, “ELO.”

Without thinking, I searched Youtube for the following:

I asked Carol to look and listen to the video. She resisted at first, but then she caved in to my pleas. And in the middle of the video, her attitude changed and she became once again, a mighty woman of God filled with faith.

Who knew, huh? That Jesus rocks to Electric Light Orchestra and uses it for His purposes.

And the iPod? That’s probably a wait and see for us mortals until we see Him face to face in His glory.


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10 responses to “Jesus Has an iPod and Rocks to the Electric Light Orchestra

  1. Larry, the link to the ELO video is broken. Please reset.

  2. God is a creative communicator, isn’t he? I enjoyed the ELO message too – thanks!

  3. Derrick,

    Thanks. The link is working now. Earlier, I think you had to go onto Youtube to hear it. I don’t understand the ins and outs of technology.

  4. Judy,

    Thanks. I tend to be a tad stuffy and tend to think God needs to speak in certain ways, whereas my wife does not. I was probably the most surprised person in the room that day. God loves to kick the sides of my God-in-the-box out

  5. Loved this Larry and so glad that He sent you just what she needed at that time! We never know! Going to go have a listen and a watch now! Thank you!

  6. Debbie,

    Thanks. Father always know best.

  7. God comes through in ways only known to Him. Great post Larry.

  8. chasingthemoment,

    Thanks. God is the Creator who loves to create answers in new ways to bless us.

  9. I am cracking up! Who knew? And what in the world did we do before You Tube? 🙂

  10. Cristal,

    Thanks. Before Youtube, there were non-singers like me messing up the Lord’s messages.

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