My e-Book, “Jonah,” is FREE Today. Get Your Copy Now!


If you have a Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, a computer, or smart phone with Kindle apps on it, my e-book novel, Jonah, is FREE January 15 – 16, through Amazon.

Amazon Book Description:

The novel, Jonah, consists of two novellas written specifically for people who live in a post-911 America and who no longer see hope in a watered down, same-o same-o religion.

The main character in the first novella, “Jeremiah,” has his dreams wrecked by a late night visitation with an angel. Then, he receives a prophetic message for San Francisco. Will the city heed Jeremiah’s warning or is the city doomed?

In the second novella, “Jonah,” two prophets receive identical messages for the West Coast. Though each faces different struggles, it comes down to whether or not the people believe the prophets’ words. If the prophetic words are ignored, what will happen?

Fiction or prophecy? Time will soon reveal the answer to all of us.

Print Length: 225 pages.  File Size: 388 KB  Regular Price: $1.99

Free January 15 and January 16, 2013. So, check it out here and while you’re there check out my four other e-books here.


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4 responses to “My e-Book, “Jonah,” is FREE Today. Get Your Copy Now!

  1. I would LOVE these; but every time I go to Amazon to get one, I am told I don’t have a supporting device. No fancy phones or Kindles or anything like that. 😦

  2. If you have a PC or MAC, there are Kindle apps for it. Go to Google and write “Kindle apps for whatever computer you have. There should be some. If not, let me know, okay?

  3. God bless you, Mr. Larry, and the books you write!

  4. Debbie,

    Thanks and God bless you.

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