Forty Years Ago Today, I Was an Affable Agnostic

dolly 911

On January 22, 1973, I was an affable agnostic, living in Louisville, Kentucky. The old river city, famous for horse racing and basketball, had a Southern Baptist church on almost every street corner. Yet, I was oblivious to the gospel.

And Roe versus Wade?

If I heard the names at all, I probably thought they were two middleweight boxers, appearing in a big match at the Louisville Gardens. I had no clue the names referred to a Supreme Court ruling.

And abortion?

I obviously knew what the term meant, but I would have never – out of a million guesses – believed that 55,881,922 babies would be aborted in the 40 years following Roe versus Wade.

From that particular January day to May 19, 1985, I viewed Roe versus Wade and abortion with detached apathy. Was I pro-choice or pro-life? My best answer would have been a quick shrug and a fast change of subjects.

But on May 20, 1985, just hours before I planned on committing suicide, I met Jesus on the bathroom floor. Just to think the Lord cared about a man who thought He was, at best, the equal of the Easter Bunny, still blows my mind today.

Because of my eternal about-face, I owe my allegiance to the Lamb.

Since that day on the bathroom floor, I have spent my whole life seeking to know and understand this man named Jesus. I still don’t have all of the answers, even after twenty-seven years, but I am sure of this much: Jesus hates murder.

And no matter how much we dress up Roe versus Wade and abortion by using guilt soothing terms like “pro-choice,”  they still refer to one thing: murdering babies.

I am not confused about this. Are you?


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16 responses to “Forty Years Ago Today, I Was an Affable Agnostic

  1. No, me neither! It’s murder plain and simple. Do you think Jesus hates this sin more than any other? Do you think you would’ve made the choice you did if it was forced upon you? Choice and respect are aspects of love that Christians seem to disregard. They seem to be pro-birth but not so much pro-child.

  2. altonwoods,

    Does Jesus hate all sin? Yes. Are all sins equal? No, absolutely not. Throughout the Bible, certain sins are termed abominations. These particular ones bring judgment on individuals and nations. Murdering babies happens to be the one which God would not forgive Israel for doing under King Manasseh, not even Josiah’s righteousness covered the sin.

    “…Do you think you would’ve made the choice you did if it was forced upon you?…”

    I probably don’t understand exactly what you mean with this question. Are you alluding that Christians are not willing to help a struggling mother after she has a baby?

  3. Your testimony is such an encouragment . I am thankful you take the time to regularly blog and share God’s Word with a struggling world, along with taking a stand on delicate issues which we shouldn’t be so gingerly dancing around in an effort to keep peace with the opposition. 🙂

  4. Cristal,

    Thanks. I once listened to a taped teaching by Lester Sumrall on which he said, “Abortion is wrong.” His teaching was not on abortion or anything close to the subject, but his three offhand words went straight through me like darts, destroying every bit of doubt and wishy-washy attitudes about abortion.

  5. There’s James 2:10-12 which seems to say differently as far as sin goes…you don’t understand the difference between being forced to do something and being compelled by love? And yes, it does seem as though there’s a lot more support for this political agenda than there is for caring for children after they’re born! Abortion is wrong,we agree there! God could stop it today, He could of stopped ALL sin from starting but He didn’t. Love is a choice, God will respect the ones each of us make and hold us accountable. But first we must be given a choice! Why do you think He put that forbidden tree in the garden?

  6. altonwoods,

    If you go from Genesis to Revelation, there are three types of sin: sin, transgression, and iniquity. Iniquity always is an abomination before God and will eventually be judged here on earth if not corrected. Sin and transgression ruin our fellowship with God and is hated by God – as all sin is – but only iniquities brings the judgment and anger of God upon us while we live here on earth.

    Now, maybe you see something different. If so, let me know.

    Obviously, God could have stopped all sin by not allowing Satan entrance into the Garden of Eden, or for that matter, on earth, but He did. So, yes, we have a choice.

    As far as politics go, I hold no hope that Roe vs. Wade will ever be overturned. Like you wrote, it looks like we Christians will have to make better decisions in the future, concerning love with the opposite sex and with our children.

  7. I love your testimony and honesty. When you put up how many babies had been killed by abortion following Roe vs. Wade, I felt sick. Thank you for not being confused and helping us not to be either! God bless you!

  8. Cheryl

    Thanks for sharing this. I, too, had a bathroom-floor-type experience and I was able to turn my life around, with God’s help. I was also faced with a dilemma of finding myself pregnant and alone. I had to make a decision about how to proceed and I chose life. I believe that God sent me a sign and I responded. That said, I believe in freedom of choice in all situations. I would never want someone else to have made that decision for me; therefore, I will never judge another person in a similar situation or any other. I don’t propose to have all the answers. Sometimes people interpret the Bible in such a way as to support their opinions. I’m fine living with questions until one day I can ask God and receive the answers face-to-face.

  9. Debbie,

    Thanks. God bless you.

  10. Cheryl,

    Thanks for your input as you offer a different point of view.

    You said, “…I would never want someone else to have made that decision for me…”

    Like the Apostle Paul, I believe we believers are called to be bond slaves to our Lord Jesus. His statures, His words, His ways should be the light we walk in for every situation. To me, there is no confusion about murdering a baby.

    As far as a nation which murders babies, every nation which has ever done something like this has been removed by God. Every single one. None have been spared.

    So, when a person states he/she does not want to judge a person for choosing abortion, God judges them. And who are we as believers to resemble? Man or God.

    For me: the answer is simple. God hates abortion and so do I.

  11. Loved the story Larry, thanks for sharing. Always uplifted by what you share 🙂 Darrell

  12. darrelcreswell,

    Thanks, I appreciate your input.

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