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Will Being Pro-Choice or Having an Abortion Keep Believers Out of Heaven?

Yesterday, I wrote about King David’s sin of adultery with Bathsheba. In the article, I gave my belief that if  there had been a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Jerusalem, David would have most likely sent Bathsheba there to have an abortion.

My reasoning was that if King David was willing to murder Uriah, a man he knew and respected, to hide his sin, wouldn’t he have more easily murdered a baby that he did not know?

Let’s keep in mind that adultery was an abomination to God and its punishment according to the Law was death to both participants. Murder, whether the victim was an adult or a baby, was also an abomination with the punishment being death.

So David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the LORD.” And Nathan said to David, “The LORD also has put away your sin; you shall not die.” (2 Samuel 12:13)

Although King David was guilty of adultery and murder, God forgave him because he asked for forgiveness. This is good news, but what’s even more remarkable is what the Lord said about King David a thousand years later –

For after David had done the will of God in his own generation, he died and was buried with his ancestors (Acts 13:36 NLT)

How could God look at King David’s life, which was filled with mistakes, including murder and adultery, and then declare that David had done God’s will for his life?

God looks at each individual’s life through a lens of grace. If a person sincerely repents of his sin, asks for forgiveness and then does his best not to commit that sin again, God will blot that sin out of the record books. It will be as if that person had never sinned at all.

What an amazing editing process God has for our life’s story if we humble ourselves before Him!

Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor (hate, detest, shudder with horror) what is evil. Cling to what is good. (Romans 12:9)

There will be those Christians who believe it’s okay to call oneself pro-choice in regards to abortion, but I totally disagree with them. I believe we as Christians are called to abhor, hate, detest, shudder with horror at the sin of murdering babies. I see no neutral position, which would allow us to hide behind a politically correct label, just to save face with our friends.

Thus, if Christians are pro-choice, then they are really pro-abortion. Period.

Okay, what if believers have called themselves pro-choice or have had an abortion, what can they do? They can do the same thing King David did: sincerely repent, ask for forgiveness and do their best not to commit that sin again.

But what if believers refuse to repent of calling themselves pro-choice or having an abortion?

They will have a conversation with Jesus at the Judgment Seat of Christ and they will suffer loss, but will still hold onto their salvation.

 Pastor Mike Bickle tells of the vision he had about standing before Jesus at the Judgment Seat of Christ. In it, the Lord looked at Bickle and said, “You are saved, but your life was wasted.”

Bickle said he broke down weeping and travailing in tears before the Lord who said nothing else to him. When Bickle finally awakened from the vision, his t-shirt was soaking wet from his tears.

Eventually, the Holy Spirit spoke to Bickle’s heart: “This is a conversation you never want to have with the Lord.”

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Forty Years Ago Today, I Was an Affable Agnostic

dolly 911

On January 22, 1973, I was an affable agnostic, living in Louisville, Kentucky. The old river city, famous for horse racing and basketball, had a Southern Baptist church on almost every street corner. Yet, I was oblivious to the gospel.

And Roe versus Wade?

If I heard the names at all, I probably thought they were two middleweight boxers, appearing in a big match at the Louisville Gardens. I had no clue the names referred to a Supreme Court ruling.

And abortion?

I obviously knew what the term meant, but I would have never – out of a million guesses – believed that 55,881,922 babies would be aborted in the 40 years following Roe versus Wade.

From that particular January day to May 19, 1985, I viewed Roe versus Wade and abortion with detached apathy. Was I pro-choice or pro-life? My best answer would have been a quick shrug and a fast change of subjects.

But on May 20, 1985, just hours before I planned on committing suicide, I met Jesus on the bathroom floor. Just to think the Lord cared about a man who thought He was, at best, the equal of the Easter Bunny, still blows my mind today.

Because of my eternal about-face, I owe my allegiance to the Lamb.

Since that day on the bathroom floor, I have spent my whole life seeking to know and understand this man named Jesus. I still don’t have all of the answers, even after twenty-seven years, but I am sure of this much: Jesus hates murder.

And no matter how much we dress up Roe versus Wade and abortion by using guilt soothing terms like “pro-choice,”  they still refer to one thing: murdering babies.

I am not confused about this. Are you?


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John Paul Jackson Updates Perfect Storm Prophecies (Part 2)

John Paul Jackson began prophesying publicly about what he called the perfect storm in 2008. Earlier in 2012, Jackson updated his prophetic words. The following is a transcription (mistakes and all) of his main points from a video, which has since been removed. (But you can still see his main points herehere, and here.)

Remember: All prophetic words need to be prayed about and mistakes on any one part do not negate the truth on other parts. Plus, although you may disagree with some of a messenger’s doctrines, does not mean you should ignore his message.


We’re going to see the dollar collapse. We’re going to see a new American currency. We’re going to see a new global currency. We’re going to see a new One World’s currency. We’re going to see a new One World order. We’re going to see a whole new economic structure set up between Mexico, Canada, and the United States. We’re going to see a whole new structure set up with the European Economic Community. We’re going to see a whole new thing that’s going to be going. The United Nations is going to be getting stronger. The EU is going to be getting stronger.


We going to be seeing Turkey rise, seemingly, out of the ashes and become an incredible force in the Middle East with darkness in the core of it. Right now, Turkey seems to be rather demure, but Turkey will not remain demure for long.


And you’re going to see Russia take on a whole new nationalism and Russia is going to create a crisis to spawn nationalism. Because it realizes that it is losing its youth.


And so Putin coming back in is part of the whole thing the Lord talked to me about… Putin and Medvedev would begin to clash. Putin would end up taking over, but there is a third guy behind the scene who is more ruthless than that. And he will end up showing up on the scene. He is not on the scene yet, but he will be on the scene and Putin is setting the stage for his coming. He is not the Anti-Christ because the Anti-Christ comes from somewhere else. But it is all a part of the whole end times scenario.


And Russia is going to end up blackmailing many of the small satellite nations that used to be a part of the Soviet bloc and demanding that they come into a whole new alliance and whole new agreement. Poland will be blackmailed. I hope they don’t succumb. I have to give a message to them in the Spring when I go there. Czechoslovakia, the Slavic countries, Romania, Ukraine, Kachestan – all these will be blackmailed by Russia. “So if you want our oil and if you want our gas, you will come back in and if you don’t, we will close the pipeline tomorrow.”

And they’re waiting for gas to get up high enough so they can close the pipeline to those countries and still function economically in their own state. But they have to wait for the price of gasoline to get up high before they can cut the pipeline off.

This is what the Lord showed me and going into these details with me and I’m saying, “Lord I don’t think I can retain all this.”

And He said, “Yes, you can.”


The earthquakes are going to be coming and they are going to change the tilt of the earth. So we had the Chili earthquake and the tilt changed. We had the New Zealand earthquake and the earth tilt changed. We had the Japan earthquake and the tilt of the earth changed.

And He said, “When you start to see this happening, and the tilt of the earth changes, the jet streams are going to change, weather patterns are going to change dramatically. And countries are going to experience climatological changes they have never experienced before and it will cause the loss of crops. Whether it be fruit crop or grain crop or vegetable crops, you see, jet streams are going to change because the tilt of the earth has changed. Just one degree change, just a half degree change can mean hundreds of miles of change in the jet stream.

And He said, “When this begins to happen, cracks are going to begin to form in the shields of the earth. When that happens, the sun is going to rise…and eruptions from the sun are going to come and the energy from the sun will seep into the cracks. The day will come when it wipe out many of your satellites. And when that happens, no cell phones, no ATMs, no bank transfers, no TV when that happens. And the day will come when airplanes in the sky can’t land and they have to figure out how they are going to land because they have no satellite guidance system. It’s all going to be visual.

This type of thing…we are going to face this type of thing if we do not cry out to God. The moment we cry out to God, He will stop the process if it is a sustained cry. But the problem is if we don’t cry out, this is what is coming our way, headed our way…

(Continued in Part 3…or you can see the full article here.)


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