Friday’s Prayers for Prisoners (9/12/2014)

Each Friday I am praying and fasting for the nations where Christians suffer the worst persecution around the world, as of 2014. This week I pray and fast for:

Somalia. 10.3 million with a few hundred Christians in the whole nation.

Pressure is increasing on the tiny Christian community in this Muslim-majority country. Islamic leaders and government officials publicly reinforce that there is no room for Christians, and there is a strong drive to purge Christianity from Somalia. The militant Islamist group, al-Shabaab, targets Christians and local communities. Ten believers are reported to have been killed by members of al-Shabaab in 2013. There is a high level of fear and mistrust among believers, who have to hide their faith for fear of betrayal. (Open Doors, World Watch List)

Today I prayed:

Lord, I remember the few hundred Christians in Somalia as though suffering with them and although some will suffer tribulation and testing, I pray that all are faithful until death that they may receive the crown of life. (Based on Hebrews 13:3 and Revelation 2:10)

Join with me on Fridays to fast and pray for prisoners, according to Hebrews 13:3.

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7 responses to “Friday’s Prayers for Prisoners (9/12/2014)

  1. Father in heaven, I agree with Larry’s prayer and say, “Amen”. I petition you for one more thing, Father. I ask that in the dark evil stronghold that has permeated Somalia, Holy Spirit’s voice would be tangible to every Christian there. And every Christian will testify that in the middle of wickedness, they know God, they hear God. They know whether to stay or to flee. Whether to store up food for the hungry or give it all away. That Christians will hear the voice of God and know where to go, what to do, what to say, and how to respond to heaven when all of hell is enticing them to react to evil. In Jesus’ name I make this request. Amen.

  2. Lift the Cross of Jesus,

    I agree in prayer with you. Let it be so, Lord. Amen.

  3. Fig Tree Chance

    Wow, it’s so hard to wrap my head around the fact that I enjoy a freedom denied so many. And I shudder to think I might fail to maintain my commitment to Christ, if I were in that situation. Praying fervently here–love, sis Caddo

  4. Fig Tree Chance,

    I totally agree with you. The video just destroyed me when I watched it. He lost four friends in an hour, his son was killed, only four believers survived in Somalia, and yet his heart was broken for the nation. O Lord break my heart for Somalia.

  5. Praying with you Mr. Larry . . .so humbled by those persecuted being honored to suffer for Christ. God bless you and them and help me be faithful to pray.

  6. Debbie,

    Thanks. God bless you and may our hearts be broken before Him.

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