Learning How to Pray Effectively in 59 Seconds or Less (Part 11)



Friday, I prayed for the nation of Somalia. I had never studied or heard much about the nation before that day, except for reading a little bit about the Somalia pirates. So, even though I wrote a general prayer for Somalia in my article, this was not really how I prayed for the nation.

What I actually did was bow my knees on the floor and prayed: “Lord, give us Somalia.”

Then, a tremendous sorrow fell upon me. I wept, travailed, groaned, and grunted before the Lord for Somalia. It resonated all through me how much the Lord loved the nation and its people. I was overwhelmed by His desire to turn the nation from the power of Satan to Him and His ways. My heart was broken for Somalia.

To be honest, I have not had that type of passion in my prayers for years and years. In fact, it had been gone so long, I wondered if I would ever have it again. The reasons for losing my passion?  I am sure it revolved around apathy and compromise on my part.

But I am determined not to lose my passion again and now pray the following prayer for myself and others:

Lord, help me to never be slothful in zeal, to be always red-hot and fervent in spirit, so I can serve You Lord without apathy and compromise. (Based on Romans 12:11)

Prayers without fervent passion hinder the effectiveness of our prayers.

What are other hindrances?

(Continued in Part 12…earlier parts can be read by clicking here or above on the header.)

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5 responses to “Learning How to Pray Effectively in 59 Seconds or Less (Part 11)

  1. For me, my prayers are also sometimes hindered by fear. It can be fear about anything. For me, fear is a result of wavering faith. So way does my faith seem to fluctuate? I don’t know for sure. But I do know that the distractions of life regularly get in the way.

  2. C. J. Penn,

    Thanks for your input. We all struggle with fear at some level or another. What I do is just keep on walking, knowing the Holy Spirit will somehow encourage me along the way. He’s our Helper and our Encourager, without Him in our lives, we will surely sink into a quagmire.

  3. We have an Ethiopian daughter-in-law and, although the family doesn’t live in Ethiopia, my husband and I met them in Addis Ababa for the baptism of our youngest grandchild in 2008. When we arrived, while waiting to go through customs, a young fellow on the flight sought us out as someone from the US that he could talk with when standing in line. Most of his family had emigrated to the US when he was a child, and now he was going back to search for his father who had been caught up in a border war between Ethiopia and Somalia. I was so impressed by the man. He was confident and fearful at once. Although he was a practicing Muslim who insisted he knew Jesus, we had a blessed conversation with him. We have no way of knowing what happened, of course, but I was deeply burdened for him and both countries long after–and continue to pray for all concerned when God brings it to mind. It’s wonderful to hear that others are praying.

  4. Solveig,

    What a great story. I am a strong advocate in Romans 8:28: “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

    So, I don’t try to figure out how a person who says he knows Jesus and can then be a practicing Muslim at the same time. I just ask the Lord to use these people according to His purpose.

  5. Thank you, Mr Larry, for teaching on pray. I don’t pray with that kind of passion often enough, so praying with you today. God bless you and your fervent prayers.

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