When Prayer Fails…


Yes, I ate too much for Thanksgiving and when I finally stopped, I looked around the table at our family. As I did, I had a divine interruption.

In a nano-second vision, I saw America in much the same way Choi Ja-Shil saw South Korea in the late 1940’s: a nation under the control of Satan and his kingdom of darkness. She immediately made up her mind to make a difference, no matter what it might cost her.

Choi Ja-Shil ended up fasting often and interceding up to ten hours per night for South Korea for the next ten years after her revelation. She did all of this while raising three children, attending a Bible school, and working to support her family.

Choi Ja-Shil’s prayers resulted in a meeting with Pastor David Yonggi Cho and starting a church in May, 1958. Eventually, the couple’s efforts produced Yoido Full Gospel Church (830,000 members), prayer meetings of 300,000 believers, and Osanri Prayer Mountain which has one million visitors per year.

Today, South Korea has the largest percentage of Christians of any nation in Asia. Not only that, Korean Christians – corporately and individually – are committed to prayer. Early morning prayer meetings, evening prayer meetings, and all night prayer concerts on weekends.

Now, how much of this was due to Choi Ja-Shil’s efforts? Only heaven knows.

Okay, what will I do with my revelation?

To be honest, I don’t know, but I’m willing to seek the Lord on what I should do.

So, for the next month or however long it takes, I won’t be blogging or on Facebook because I want to focus myself on this and also on some outside writing projects. If you have the time, pray for me to hear the Lord’s voice and to obey Him.

“When prayer fails, intercession begins.” (Rees Howells)


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4 responses to “When Prayer Fails…

  1. Ronni

    I’m joining you in this season. God told me to start a fast this week… few weeks ago. And a few other things. Blessings.

  2. Ronni,

    God bless you as you wait on Him.

  3. Thinking of you , Mr. Larry, as you turn another page of your story for His glory , and praying for you to hear the way in which to go and strength to walk in it. God bless you!!! I will stay in touch!

  4. Debbie,

    Thanks for your support, as usual. God bless you.

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