Tuesday’s Prayers for Prisoners (2/23/2016)



My wife and I stopped supporting Gospel For Asia about eight months ago. We were the sponsors of eleven Bridge of Hope Children and one missionary at the time. I even wrote an article, Why I No Longer Support Gospel For Asia, which still receives clicks every week.

Although we now support a smaller missionary ministry in Asia, I still pray for the eleven kids, the missionary, the Gospel For Asia leaders, and other people at the ministry almost every day.


The worst words I have ever heard occurred on the morning of July 8, 1994, after praying on my knees for hours. The Holy Spirit whispered, “Son, you have been deceived.”

If I could have, I would have chosen to be stoned to death rather than hearing those words. You see, I knew the agony and shame I would have to walk through because of my deception. And then, there were the numerous people I had let down. I needed to face all of them.

Even twenty-two years later, I still shiver when I remember that morning.

Now, I don’t claim to know the answers for Gospel For Asia in their present trials, but I do know this: I’ve been there. Maybe I was a small-potato painting contractor rather than a mega-million dollar ministry, but I know a little bit about what it feels like and — it’s horrendous.

The one thing I wanted at the time was prayer.

My prayer for today:

Lord, I lift up Gospel For Asia to Your throne of grace, asking You to pour out Your mercy and grace on this ministry to help them now in their time of need. Send Your light and truth into their midst and let the two lead the ministry in the days ahead. (Based on Hebrews 4:16 and Psalm 43:3)

Join with me on Tuesdays to fast and pray for prisoners in Asia, according to Hebrews 13:3.


 Why Asia?

1. 4.4 billion people live in Asia.

2.. 85.4% of world’s unevangelized people live in Asia. (Unevangelized means they may have heard the gospel but have no understanding on how to respond.)

3. The world’s three largest non-Christian religions – Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhists – are based in Asia.

4. Of the 37 countries of the world that are less than 10% Christian, 32 are in Asia. Of the 14 countries, that are less than 2% Christian, 12 are in Asia.

5. 600 million people live in abject poverty in the slums of Asia.

6. 85-90% of unreached people live in Asia. (Unreached means that they have never heard the name of Jesus.) (Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation)



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2 responses to “Tuesday’s Prayers for Prisoners (2/23/2016)

  1. Thank you, Mr .Larry. I eeaaly appreciated hearing how you pray yet for,Gospel for Asia . Me too. God blessyou!

  2. Debbie,

    I never like to give up on anyone or any ministry because the Lord did not give up on me. I still believe He is able to part the Red Sea and change lives with Damascus road experiences. God bless you.

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