Tuesday’s Prayers for Prisoners (4/26/2016)

Uzbekistan: 30.9 million people (82.8% Muslim and 2.1% Christian) Persecution Level: Severe

Uzbekistan is the most populous Central Asian country and has the largest military. The country’s political system is highly authoritarian and its use of torture is “systematic.”

Life for Christians:
Christians are branded as “extremists” by the government, and they face massive fines, detention, and arrest for “illegal religious activity.” Unregistered religious meetings are raided. State-controlled media encourages prejudices against minority religious groups. (Voice of the Martyrs)

My prayer today:

Lord, raise up laborers for Your harvest in Uzbekistan who are willing to deny themselves, pick up their cross daily, and follow You, trusting that Your blood and their testimonies will overcome Satan, even if they are faced with death. (Based on Luke 9:23 and Revelation 12:11)

Join with me on Tuesdays to fast and pray for prisoners in Asia, according to Hebrews 13:3.

 Why Asia?

1. 4.4 billion people live in Asia.

2.. 85.4% of world’s unevangelized people live in Asia. (Unevangelized means they may have heard the gospel but have no understanding on how to respond.)

3. The world’s three largest non-Christian religions – Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhists – are based in Asia.

4. Of the 37 countries of the world that are less than 10% Christian, 32 are in Asia. Of the 14 countries, that are less than 2% Christian, 12 are in Asia.

5. 600 million people live in abject poverty in the slums of Asia.

6. 85-90% of unreached people live in Asia. (Unreached means that they have never heard the name of Jesus.) (Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation)


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2 responses to “Tuesday’s Prayers for Prisoners (4/26/2016)

  1. Thank you, Mr. Larry. These looks at countries where Christians are so persecuted break my heart . . .and that is a good thing. I prayed with you and that those believer’s hearts and minds will be guarded with His peace. God bless you muchly!

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. These are tough countries for the gospel, but Jesus is more than enough. God bless you.

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