“My Church is a Bunch of Nice Losers” (Part 7)

Eight years ago, a blogger from a well-known ministry’s website read one of my articles on Larry Who and asked me to read an article about prophecy and prophets on their website and then write a comment. I felt honored and did so.

The article was well-written, but there was one sentence which I disagreed with —

“From this we can learn that a ‘go alone prophet’ is not good, nor biblical..”

I wrote, “A lot of this sounds good, but sadly some of it is not scriptural.”

Oh my Lord, you would have thought I had written a blasphemous comment. The blogger and ministry head commented back and forth with me for almost two weeks.

Later, the ministry head wrote:

I think there’s an important spiritual point you’re missing here in terms of what Andrew was trying to communicate. Perhaps you can step back and reflect on the principle? My point here is not that everything must comes of out the home base in a region, but that if God sends someone into a region where He already has His people laboring in right relationship with Him, then there is no reason for a “go alone prophet.” Otherwise, there is confusion, lack of mutual submission and accountability, among other things, and the Word is pretty clear about all this being important.

I answered by writing:

Let’s say there is a city named Christian City. In Christian City there are fifty churches and each is in right relationship with the Lord and with the other churches. There are numerous quality apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, elders, and deacons in Christian City.

Now, two thousand miles away, a prophet lives in a hut. He thinks the Lord has directed him to go and speak in Christian City. He jumps on a jet, flies to Christian City, takes a taxi to the city square of Christian City, pays the driver, walks to the middle of the city square and begins to prophesy to the people and the government of Christian City. All of this is done without talking to another Christian (except maybe to his wife).

Now, are you saying that God would not do this? That He no longer will send a Jonah-type prophet to a city to speak His words?

We eventually agreed to disagree on this issue.

Okay, I admit to being a stubborn believer, but I also believe that Scripture cannot be bent to justify our teachings, theologies, and beliefs. If Scripture does not agree in total with our thinking, we should not extrapolate from here and there throughout the Bible, trying to make our doctrines work.

And this is the main reason why the Church is a bunch of nice losers.

(Continued in Part 8……if you’re interested, the full series to date can be seen here.)


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2 responses to ““My Church is a Bunch of Nice Losers” (Part 7)

  1. Oh gosh . . .I read a few of the comments back and forth from that blog post, but didn’t read the whole article. Then how you ended this post of yours . . .well, you really got me ! I am going way back to,you being invited and asked to leave a comment. That was where they should’ve said , “leave a comment only if you agree with me 100%”. God bless you , Mr. Larry! By the way, my mom’s last husband used to call her strong willed instead of stubborn. :).

  2. Debbie,

    What often happens in discussions like this is that people start using a shotgun approach rather than zeroing in on the person’s comments. My disagreement was only in the words: “a ‘go alone prophet’ is not good, nor biblical…”

    Wow! That was a long time ago. God bless you.

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