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Who Will Tell Her?


How will the women in India call on the Lord in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard His name? And how are they to hear His name without someone preaching to them? And how can the ministers preach to the women unless they have been sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news to the women of India and South Asia!” (Based on Romans 10:14-15)

The greatest challenge for a woman in Asia today is to simply survive a normal lifespan. From birth — and even before birth — to death, a burden of oppression follows her through all the stages of her life, threatening her very existence.

Asian Women Face Unimaginable Challenges & Degradation.

  • Young girls throughout Asia are ravenously abducted and forced into a life of prostitution with every agonizing day one step closer to an early death from AIDS.
  • Widows in India bear the blame for their husbands’ deaths. They’re shunned by their communities, rejected by their families and forced into an inhumane lifestyle. Tens of thousands take their own lives just to end the pain.
  • Every year in India, more than 7,000 women are doused with kerosene and burned to death—by their husbands. The wife’s crime: an insufficient dowry.

It is no surprise that the suicide rate among women in India is up to 21 times higher than the world’s average.

These are but a few of the tragic conditions faced by millions of Asian women. They are trapped in a never-ending cycle of misery. Utterly without hope.

Yet today, in the midst of a hopeless situation, there is glorious hope.

Through the heroic efforts of 2,000 women missionaries who have dedicated their lives to bringing God’s love to the women of Asia, we can reach them. In many Asian cultures, genders rarely mix, so traditional male missionaries are severely limited in ministering to women. However, it is possible to send trained, dedicated women missionaries to reach the millions who still wait to hear that they are precious to Jesus.

After three years of intense training, GFA-supported women missionaries are driven by a passion: to relieve the pain and suffering of women in Asia by introducing them to the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. They heroically risk persecution, beatings and imprisonment to tell hurting women about a Savior who offers hope for eternity, and strength for today.

The lives of hundreds of thousands of Asian women are being transformed by GFA’s dedicated women missionaries, but millions more still wait.

Every day in South Asia, nearly 80,000 precious souls perish without knowing Christ’s love. We must send more missionaries.

Consider sending one of these dedicated women missionaries today.

For just $30 a month, you can help enable a missionary to reach other Asian women with the love of Christ. For more info, click here.


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When Was The Last Time…

I watched the above video nine days ago, but I have been sick with a vicious cold since then. Yet, even when I tossed and turned with fever, I meditated on this video, especially these words:

We will live as strangers and pilgrims on this earth, with sacrifice, and commitment, and tears, and fasting, and touch the lost world with our lifestyle and commitment. (K. P. Yohannan of Gospel For Asia)

Now, I understand that not everyone will be touched by Yohannan’s words, like I was, but that’s only natural. A friend used to say, “If you throw a stone into a pack of wild dogs, the only dog that really pays attention is the one the stone hits. He yelps.”

Yohannan’s stone hit me. I yelped!

What do I plan on doing?

I am going to find as many people as possible who want to live as strangers and pilgrims on this earth. I don’t care if they are white, black, brown, Catholics, Lutherans, Charismatics, Baptists, tongue talkers, or whatever. I want to be with them to fast, pray, weep, and give so that a lost world can be touched by our lifestyle and commitment.

You see, at 69 years of age, I’ve run out of time and excuses.

Click on to see MyGFA site.

Click on to see MyGFA site.


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Heads Up: Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.


January 25, 2015, is World Leprosy Day.

This is a perfect opportunity for all of us to pray and intercede for the tens of thousands of people suffering from this ghastly disease in Southeast Asia who are closeted away in a thousand leper colonies.

Leprosy is a bacterial disease that attacks the nervous system, particularly the nerves of the hands, feet and face. As the body absorbs cartilage into its system, victims of the disease slowly lose their fingers, toes and even limbs. The social stigma is devastating, perhaps even worse than the disease itself. Lepers are shunned and forgotten by family and friends.

But in the midst of this dark hopelessness, Gospel For Asia’s leprosy ministry brings the light of Jesus:

• Pray for lepers to embrace Jesus and His love.

• Pray for healing miracles through GFA’s ministry.

• Pray for the lepers to be transformed by the love of Christ.

• Pray for the GFA leprosy ministers.

• Pray for more medical workers to aid GFA’s leprosy teams.

Prayer helps, but if you can do more, check out what Abby is doing here.


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Yohannan Makes Me Cry

K.P. Yohannan was a tongue-tied 16-year-old when God sent him on a journey that would transform the way he and millions of others think about and live out the Great Commission. But the story doesn’t end with him. (RevolutionBook.org)

I can point out all of the verses in the Bible on why we should give financial offerings to foreign missions. We are blessed for doing so.

But even so, it still comes down to where we will give our offerings, and to be honest, there are probably many reputable ministries that are doing great work on the foreign mission fields. God bless them all.

So, why do I give to Gospel For Asia?

Because K. P. Yohannan makes me cry. Yes, that’s right, Yohannan makes me weep.

I have never met the man, which might be a good thing, because I would probably break down and blubber all over him if he just said, “Hi.”

The reason I weep is that I can hear his broken heart crying out for the lost and the unreached people of Asia. His brokenness helps to break the hardness off my apathetic heart. I am not there yet, but thank God, maybe there is still hope for people like me.

If you are interested, check out Revolution in World Missions and the eleven short videos.


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Jesus’ Great Hope for Cain

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This is an eye-opening article from my friend, Hope Flinchbaugh at Lift Jesus Cross.

Lift Jesus' Cross!

‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.’ Acts 2:17

“Then, after doing all those things, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions.  Joel 2:28

We live in a season when the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil has grown exponentially.  Instead of the Tree of Life bearing fruit on both sides of the River of Life, we have seen the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil taking root on both sides of Information Highway through television, radio, internet, email, and print. As Christians, what we believe from these trees will shape our future. Perhaps this is why God promises…

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How Big is our God?


The following is a true story about a MyGFA campaign and a dad who involved his children in the campaign decision:

Dad: “For Christmas this year what do you think about our family helping raise support for a Jesus Well?”

Kids: “YEAH!!! That sounds great!”

Dad: “How many wells should we raise support for?” (Dad quietly thinking possibly five wells, because anything is possible with God!)

Kids: “How much does a Jesus Well cost?”

Dad: “One thousand four hundred dollars.”

Kids: “Ok. Let’s raise support for one thousand four hundred Jesus Wells.”

Dad: Humbled. “Do you know how much money that would take? We would need to involve everyone we know and then they would have to involve everyone they know and on and on and on…”

Kids: “Daddy, How big is our God?”

Dad: “One thousand four hundred Jesus Wells sounds like the perfect God inspired number. Now let’s get ready to watch God move!”

This is your invitation to become a part of the story to personally see how God can use anyone with a willing heart to accomplish His will. (You can read the rest of the campaign article here.)

To date, the family has raised $2867, which means they still need $1,957,133 to meet their campaign goal. Why not help them out? You can do that by clicking here.

After all, how big is our God?


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Being Sick Really Stinks, But…


(Click to see)

Maybe I ate too much turkey and stuffing, but regardless of the cause, I was sick last week. I had a fever, a headache, and slept hours and hours each day. Just standing up was a struggle for me. My sickness lasted for five days before it simmered down to a few sniffles and light coughs.

Yes, I hate being sick, but all and all, I didn’t suffer that much. A few writing projects got pushed to the back burners. Yet, we did not suffer financially at all.

Now, what if I had been a Dalit farm laborer with a wife and two children? What if I would have missed five days of work? You see, Dalits are the lowest rung in India’s Hindu society. They are paid only pennies per hour to do backbreaking farm work.

If a Dalit farm laborer missed five days of work, he could lose ten to fifteen dollars of pay for that week. That loss can not be made up. Something will have to be cut from their family budget. Most likely it will be food.

What can we do to help the poor people of India?

Carol and I like to help poor families in India at Christmas time. We look through Gospel For Asia’s Christmas Catalog and choose a gift that will help earn extra income for a family. The last two years, we chose sewing machines, but this year, we returned to our farm roots and chose two goats.

Throughout the year, we then pray for the families with sewing machines and now, the family with the two goats. And you’re right, we don’t know their names, but God knows them. He also knows how to direct our prayers to the proper recipients.

Maybe you’re interested in helping a family in India. If so, click here.


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Why Should we Care About India? Don’t We Have Enough Problems in America?



When Count Zinzendorf and the Moravian Church began sending out missionaries to the West Indies in 1732, did Germany have any problems? Are you serious? Germany was in a constant state of war. Young men were being killed by the thousands in various battles throughout Europe.

Christian leaders even accused Count Zinzendorf of sending young missionaries to die in distant lands when they were needed in Germany and Europe. Zinzendorf took so much heat that he went into exile and traveled for a few years.

But still, between 1732 and Zinzendorf’s death in 1760, the Moravian Church sent out 226 missionaries to Greenland, Lapland, Georgia, Surinam, Africa’s Guinea Coast, South Africa, Amsterdam’s Jewish quarter, Algeria, the native North Americans, Ceylon, Romania, and Constantinople. They endured terrible hardships and many died in desperate circumstances. These missionaries came out of a group of believers, which never numbered more than 600 members.

Why did Zinzendorf and the Moravian Church send out missionaries? They believed the Lord wanted them to do so. The fruit of their obedience is still being harvested today.

Why should we care about India and Asia, especially since America has so many problems?

I believe the Lord has shone His light on India, China, and all of Asia at this particular moment in history, directing our focus there for missionary outreaches. We can either put on our blinders and ignore what God is doing right now – OR – we can join with Him.

If we choose to join with what God is doing, we may end up reaping fruit for the next three hundred years, just like the early Moravians have done.

And guess what?

If we are faithful to pray, fast, and give for the work God is now doing in Asia, He will help us with our problems in America. You see, God will honor our faithfulness as a fragrant offering before Him and will supply our needs here in America for our families, neighbors, and communities.

Click on to see MyGFA site.

Click on to see MyGFA site.


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Got Goats?

I love Christmas.

Yes, it is an imperfect holiday. Yes, it may not be the exact day when Jesus was born. Yes, the world system tries to derail the true meaning of Christmas every year. Yes. Yes. And more yes.

But I still love Christmas. I love being with my family and giving gifts and laughing and hugging and eating.

Now, let me share one of our Christmas traditions with you, okay?

Two years ago, Carol and I began giving gifts through Gospel For Asia’s Christmas Catalog program.  Because Carol is a quilter, we chose sewing machines as gifts both years. So, today, somewhere in India two people and their families have a sewing business because of our gifts.  Just knowing this, blesses my socks off!

If you want, you can start the same tradition for your family, too. It’s so easy, just click here. Eleven dollars buys two chickens. Twelve dollars buys a blanket. Seventy dollars buys a goat. One hundred and fifteen dollars buys a sewing machine. Or four hundred and sixty dollars buys a water buffalo. Check all the gifts out and see if something catches your eye.

There is nothing quite like giving a gift to a person who can give nothing back in return…except thanks.

 gfa-christmas-catalog-blog-banner(Click to check it out.)


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Got Five Minutes?

Today, (or any Sunday in November), join churches across America in lifting up the persecuted church through unified prayer. If you want, share this video with your congregation or small group, and let them see how their prayers can strengthen believers and expand God’s kingdom into the most unreached places.

Here are the prayer requests mentioned by Pastor Roshan in the above video:

1. Pray that Satan will not discourage the pastors and ministers from serving the Lord.

2. Pray that the Lord will give the pastors and ministers grace to serve Him faithfully.

3. Pray that ministries will grow, with many coming to know Christ and many villages learning about Him.

Just five minutes of your time could make the difference in thousands of lives. And who knows? Someday, you may need them to spend five minutes for you and your family.

Got five minutes?

Click on to see MyGFA site.

Click on to see MyGFA site.


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