San Francisco: Where Sin Abounds…

My wife, Honey, believes that I have some wires crossed in my brain. Who knows? Maybe she’s right. This is one of those times when she tends to remind me of this fact.

You see, when I read that San Francisco’s supervisors passed a resolution condemning the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality as “hateful”, “defamatory”, “insensitive”, “and ignorant”, I got excited. I even thought to myself, this is great. Now, San Francisco is right where God wants the city to be. Praise the Lord!

Maybe, you are starting to agree with my wife, right?

…But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more. (Romans 5:20)

I look at San Francisco and I see a perfect opportunity for the gospel of Jesus. Not just to speak the gospel, but to demonstrate it.  What a perfect time to take on the ruling principality over the city of San Francisco, the one that has mocked the Creator by degrading men and women to a depraved level of sexuality. What a perfect time to set the captives free!

Unlike many who want to give up on San Francisco and let it fall into Satan’s hands, I don’t. The Savior died on the cross for all mankind. And everyone needs a Savior named Jesus – even homosexuals.

Just remember this: More than enough grace. It’s all we need to change San Francisco – NOW.

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